Do you Burn More Calories Wearing a Weighted Vest?

When you want to burn more calories or lose weight, the options are unlimited. You go for walks, run several miles per hour, and hit the gym. There are several ways you can burn more calories, but it requires time. Unfortunately, not everyone is patient, and everyone wants to get in shape sooner rather than later. In such a case, a weighted vest seems like a fantastic option.

Over the years, weighted vests have gained more popularity in health and fitness enthusiasts. The reason is that it provides an extreme condition for the body to work, and as a result, you lose more calories in less time.

Having a weighted vest is said to increase your body’s stamina and strength. It offers an intensive workout and is said to be a perfect accessory for all those fitness and workout lovers out there. If you are new to the whole fitness world and looking for an ideal solution to burn calories and get in shape fast, these vests might be the perfect thing for you! If you were looking for more information on weighted vests, how they are used and how heavy they should be, this website offers every piece of information necessary for you to get started.

What are weighted vests?


In simple words, weighted vests are vests that have weight in them. People usually wear these vests when exercising or during workout sessions so that they can get more resistance and burn more fat. Most people think these vests and fat-burning vests are the same but they are not. That’s because weighted vests are pretty heavy. They add more weight to your body and give you increased conditions to do cardio. You can think of it as weightlifting. Only in weightlifting, you have to lift the weight with your arms, and in weighted vests, the weight is divided on to your body equally.

The mechanism behind weighted vests

The rule of losing weight or burning calories is simple. The more you weigh, the more calories you tend to burn. As a result, the more in shape you get. The concept of weighted vests is made on this concept. When you put on a weighted vest, you tend to add weight to your upper body up to the torso. As a result, when you work out, the body uses up more calories to produce enough energy to keep you going.

Think of it as the effort your body is putting in to manage the extra weight. The energy comes from the calories your body burn. Moreover, you also develop stamina and strength. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

What to look for when buying a weighted vest


When you are out looking for a weighted vest, you will have several options in front of you. However, not every weighted vest is perfect for you. Here is what you have to keep in mind when buying a weighted vest:

It should be balanced

Because the vest is going to have weight in it, make sure the weight is ideally distributed. Otherwise, it will cause more loss than benefit. Imagine having more weight on your left shoulder than the right one. Will it be convenient for you? of course not!

It should be adjustable

Never go for a vest that has standard weight. You should be able to add or minus some weight of the vest. So, make sure the vest you are getting offers you this choice.

It should be breathable

When you workout with a weighted vest, get ready for a lot of sweating. So, if the vest is not breathable and doesn’t have good airflow, all the sweat will make you miserable.

It should have the perfect fit

I lose vest won’t benefit you the way it should. Similarly, a tight vest will make you feel uncomfortable while working out. So it should feel natural on your body. The only way to achieve this is when you have the right fit.

It should be functional

Because you won’t use this vest for just running or hiking, you will be performing different exercises with it. It should be functional enough for your body to move freely.

Advantages of weighted vests


Weighted vests have several advantages. Here are a few to name:

Burn calories

The best thing about weighted vests is that they burn calories. So, a weighted vest offers the perfect solution for someone who wants to reduce a few pounds and burn calories
It helps you lose weight faster

Because the more you weigh, the more you burn calories, a weighted vest artificially adds more weight to your body so you can burn calories faster.

Less chance of injury

Because the weight is evenly distributed and is added to the center of mass and torso naturally, the chances of injury are almost minimal with these vests.

It gives you strength and Improves stamina

The more weight your body is used to, the more strength it will build over time. Similarly, the more stamina you will get.

Disadvantages of weighted vests


Where there are many benefits of weighted vests, there are a few disadvantages as well.

You can’t jump

You can run, jog and walk wearing weighted vests, but you certainly should avoid jumping; that’s because when you land back on the ground, the weight can have an impact on your joints. If you are unable to maintain the balance, you can get hurt.

Can be expensive

Believe it or not, weighted vests can be very costly depending upon their features. Although they might be worth the money, the extra strain on the pocket can be difficult to pull off for some.

Final verdict

To conclude, these vests are quite innovative equipment for people who like to maintain a healthy weight and develop more muscle strength. It is a perfect way for burning up more calories and helps you to achieve your ultimate goal, i.e., a healthy weight and a strong, fit and muscular body.