6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Better At WOW Arena

World of Warcraft requires players to exhibit a variety of skills, including collaboration, gaming prowess, and strategic thinking. It applies to exploring the map and to one of WoW’s most iconic competitions: the Arena. Shadowlands gives players a new chance to climb to the top of the WoW Arena leaderboards.

The competition is on, whether you’re in the Alliance or the Horde. You don’t need to excel at Arena in the first go since it will take you time. But you can be aware of the mistakes you are making. Continue reading to find out why you aren’t doing well in The Arena.

1. You Don’t Have the Correct Gear

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Without the correct gear, it’s difficult to win in WoW Arena, regardless of how skilled the player is. Spending time in raids and dungeons is one of the few ways to obtain better equipment, but it is also the most time-consuming aspect. Many players are dissatisfied with this because all they want to do is participate in the Arena. As a result, they resort to a far more convenient option: using a boost and carry service. Such services help you get the proper gear to complete the dungeon quest with ease.

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2. You are less Skilled

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It takes time to develop comprehensive game knowledge, but it’s one of the most critical aspects of being a World of Warcraft PvP player.

The WoW Arena PvP necessitates a high amount of “macro” knowledge, such as your team’s strengths and weaknesses, your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, what spells to kick, when to exchange your offensive and defensive cooldowns, how to respond when your opponent activates their cooldowns, and so on.

However, you can attain game knowledge by a combination of research and actual practice. Addons can provide you with an unbelievable amount of knowledge on your opponents so that you can be ready to make the right judgment call at any given time!

3. You Don’t Have a Reliable Squad

In any game, but especially in WoW, having friends to rely on is crucial. Whether you’re on offense or defense, knowing what to expect from your teammates is the most incredible method to take on the best of the Shadowlands.

Joining a guild is one of the simplest methods to do this. Using the Guild & Communities in-game feature, you can find a new PvP group to join. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make some new pals as a result of it!

Teamwork, on the other hand, takes time to master. Therefore patience is essential here as well. You may struggle to get your footing in the first few fights, but if you quit too soon, you can miss out on some fantastic allies.

4. You are Having Trouble Communicating

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Your attitude is a crucial component of working in a group. Although this may seem self-evident, many WoW Shadowlands players will have difficulty finding qualified teams due to their game attitude.

Being kind is, of course, one of the major concerns here. You’re much more likely to discover trustworthy colleagues if you’re a player who accepts both your own flaws and the mistakes that other players make around you. You’ll get booted if you yell at other players in the chat, and if you never take responsibility, you can get kicked out as well.

Instead of berating a colleague who may have been weak, consider how you may have assisted in resolving the matter. Improve your communication with them, better coordinate your attacks, and spend more time strategizing.

5. You are not your own Critic

Self-criticism is important. Make it a point to improve on any mistakes you’re making actively. Did a sly Rogue shadow stepping behind you throw you off, or did you miss that skill in your rotation? Being open to constructive criticism of your work will help you advance much more quickly.

Arena pits you against other players who have a similar MMR (or Matchmaking Ranking) as you. As a result, you’ll be able to evaluate your performance as you progress up the ranks critically, but it’s something that you’ll need to devote some time to. So, take a step back and look at things objectively once in a while.

Furthermore, everyone will profit from having that open communication route. You’ll be slaying the competitors in no time if you all take an inward approach to the game.

6. You Don’t Have a Strategy

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The second most crucial thing in Arena is to have a general idea of the team’s winning strategy and choose classes that will help them achieve it. Several highly effective strategies will work well for newcomers that are widely used in the Arena.

A drain team is the first fundamental tactic; it relies on having mana draining skills available, which requires the presence of a hunter, priest, or warlock. The main goal is to damage the other side consistently to wear them down while assaulting the opposition healers’ mana. You can quickly start defeating his teammates if you can make the enemy healers run out of mana before your healers do.

The burst team is another ultimate winning approach. This type of squad is extremely dangerous, but it can be incredibly effective because of its immediate shock value. The goal is to choose three DPS classes that can deal massive damage while still having a lot of crowd control and silences. The strategy is to beat one person as hard as you can while preventing him from being healed.


The Arena is considered one of the toughest competitions in World of Warcraft. There are many reasons why you aren’t reaching the final stage. You can be making any mistake from the ones mentioned above and harming your gameplay. To become a pro at WoW Arena, you should avoid these mistakes and improve your gameplay while developing a team that will not rain on your parade.