Addiction Recovery Center vs Outpatient Therapy – Which One Is Better for Heroin Users?

If you are a heroin addict, or your loved one is currently addicted to substances, finding the best treatment solution is key to getting your life back on track and getting healthy once more. If you are in the throes of heroin addiction, this can be a scary and daunting time – after all, heroin is a very hard drug that has severe consequences. Let’s see what type of therapy and treatment method is best for current heroin users.

What type of rehab is best for heroin users? Find out more here about why an addiction recovery connect might be best

If you’re wondering whether an addiction recovery center like The Forge Recovery Center or an outpatient treatment therapy is best for heroin users, you first need to know more about heroin. It is a very addictive substance that is highly dangerous and deadly for long-time users. Not only does it have extreme physical negative side effects, but many mental and psychological consequences can occur from long-term drug use.

Not to mention, those who use heroin only one time become addicted – making it a very dangerous, highly addictive, and deadly substance that is commonly used all over the world. Consider entering into drug rehab in West Palm Beach, where they have experience safely detoxing heroin users from their withdrawals.

What are the effects of heroin?


If you’re wondering why people use this drug, it is because the first time using heroin people get a rush and a high feeling of euphoria that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. After this first time getting high, those who are addicted to heroin will be chasing this high for the rest of their life – but they will never get it. They will continue trying heroin to try and replicate the first-time experience, but the drug is cruel – this cannot happen. Therefore, those who are addicted to heroin will typically have to go through an extensive detox process and inpatient treatment at an addiction recovery center.

Are other drugs similar to heroin?

When comparing other drugs to heroin, research has actually found that prescription drugs – like oxycodone and Vicodin – have similar euphoric effects as heroin. This makes prescription drugs – which are typically prescribed by reputable doctors – so dangerous to people across the world. These drugs actually act as gateway substances to heroin, making them exceptionally dangerous and highly misused.

What are the short-term effects of it drug?


The short-term effects of heroin that you may find in addicted users include a rush of euphoria – along with negative side effects like itching, nausea, heaviness in the entire body, hot flashes, dry mouth, and going in and out of sarcasticness.

What are the long-term effects of heroin?

Along with the short-term effects – which typically include negative mental and physical consequences – the long term effects are even more dangerous the long term consequences of consistent heroin use include insomnia, collapsed veins, infections, personality disorders, liver disease, kidney failure, constipation, abscess, sexual dysfunction, and damaged tissue in the nose.

Can you overdose on heroin?


Since it is so addictive, it is very possible to overdose on heroin. Those who are constantly abusing heroin need to attend an addiction recovery center so they can go through the process of medical detoxification.

How do you treat heroin overdose?

If you’re wondering how you can treat a heroin overdose, the first thing to do is get a hold of the problem. Figure out the person using the drug and get them immediate medical help. One of the main medicines used to treat a heroin overdose is naloxone, a medicine that can be used to counteract the effects of opioids. After you have helped the person seek immediate medical help, the next step is checking them into an addiction recovery center.

Unlike an outpatient treatment program, which may only provide services like counseling and group therapy sessions, an addiction recovery center has the tools and the staff needed to help with all steps of the recovery process. For heroin users who are in the throes of addiction, they will have to go through medical detox, individual therapy, group counseling, and other methods to help completely kick the addiction.

  • Medical detoxification – one of the main benefits of choosing inpatient addiction recovery instead of outpatient therapy is to go through medically assisted detoxification. When choosing a facility, you can rest assured they will have the staff and the medicine that can help you get through the toughest symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal provides nausea symptoms, irritability, personality changes, and other depressive moods that are hard to deal with on your own. The staff at the addiction recovery center will be able to talk you through these tough times and prescribe medication to help you withstand the most severe side effects.
  • 24/7 monitoring – the next reason to use an addiction recovery center as a heroin addict is so you can have 24/7 surveillance. In the beginning, this can seem annoying – but it actually will help you avoid relapsing, provide you with a sense of support, and increase your motivation levels to stay with your program.
  • Individual programs – the next reason to choose an addiction recovery center instead of outpatient group therapy is to speak with a therapist that can help you uncover the reason why you are using heroin. People do not just decide to do heroin for no reason – there is typically a reason that they decide to use this hard drug. When compared to other more “recreational” drugs – such as weed or drinking – it is a very serious and hard drug that has immediate negative consequences. People usually start using heroin due to poor guidance in their life, an abusive home life, personality issues, untreated mental illness, and other trauma-related reasons. By figuring out the real reason why you are using it, you can then have a better chance at figuring out the root cause behind your addiction.


When it comes to those who are addicted to heroin, attending an addiction recovery center is the best way to get healthy, happy, and stay sober for your life. It is a very serious drug that has immediate negative consequences – and severe long-term effects. By kicking your addiction early, you can have a better chance at making a full recovery and reintegrating into society. When choosing inpatient treatment vs. outpatient therapy, inpatient treatment provides more support, medical assistance, and motivation for patients.