6 Tips for Mastering the Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, or WoW as its players like to call it, is arguably one of the oldest and most amazing MMORPGs out there. The game has several different levels of content and challenges which keeps its player entertained all the time. One of the most influential and notalgia-inspiring challenges among these is the Mage Tower Challenge that you get in the Shadowlands Expansion.

The Mage Tower Challenge is considered to be one of the oldest challenges in WoW’s history but it was discontinued long before and Blizzard made no efforts when it will be released again…that is, until September 2024, where Blizzard announced that they are introducing the Mage Tower Challenge back again after several years.

This has sent a lot of players in a frenzy through the WoW’s PTR in the Mage Tower Challenge. Many of these players have but one single goal in mind – to clear out all of the challenges in the tower and obtain high level gear to be used in PvP. However, there is a better way of doing that by hiring a boosting service and if you are interested in doing so, you can learn more about it at https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-pvp.

There are many WoW players out there that want to master the exceedingly difficult Mage Tower challenge and if you are one of them, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article, we will be listing several tips for mastering the Mage Tower challenge in World of Warcraft Shadowlands and we recommend that you read the article till the end to not miss out on any of them.

Understand what the challenge is (and was).

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Many new WoW players will be surprised to know that the Mage Tower Challenge is not a new challenge level. In fact, the challenge was actually first released several years ago for the Shadowlands expansion as a fun new challenge level for players to enjoy. So don’t be surprised to notice many WoW players talking about the old bosses in the challenge that they once defeated long ago.

Additionally, you also need to know that the new Mage Tower Challenge will be significantly different than its predecessors and will have different bosses and level designs so don’t go expecting that all of its bosses (and thus, the strategies to defeat them) are still the same. Also, the Mage Tower Challenge is currently only available on WoW’s PTR, or Public Test Realm, and is not officially released yet. The official release will be rolled out together with Patch 9.1.5.

Know what rewards you will get.

Before you start with the challenge, you need to know the rewards so as to figure out if the challenge is worth your time or not. Most of the normal classes only get new levelled legion armour and item transmogs as rewards for completing the challenge once. However, one of the biggest rewards the challenge has to offer is only useful for one class in particular – guardian druids.

The boss reward after defeating the Werebear is his much coveted skin which looks absolutely fantastic, especially considering that Werebear’s design looks much sicker than before with his neon and black colours.

Even if you are not a guardian druid, don’t lose hope just yet. You can, in theory, get a Soaring Spelltome mount from completing the Mage Tower Challenge but the requirement for that is to spend hours upon hours completing all seven challenge levels with different characters.

Read guides for each of the Mage Tower’s 7 challenges.

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Adding to the last point, if you really want to complete the levels in the quickest and easiest way possible, we strongly recommend reading as many guides as you can that will help you decide which items you should buy for what class and what gear do you need to have to even attempt the Mage Tower Challenge.

These guides are very thorough and guide you throughout each challenge level and boss fight and tell you what tactics you should adopt if you wish to complete the level. You can find these guides anywhere from forums, subreddits to dedicated websites. While they might be hard to find right now considering the expansion hasn’t been officially released, you should still be able to find at least the guides for the boss fights after a few minutes of googling.

Know the time and rotation for the challenge.

A simple point, but a crucial one. If you wish to master the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW, you need to understand the event cycle of the challenge and schedule your gameplay accordingly. Once the Mage Tower Challenge is released for the public servers, it will be available for access through Legion Timewalking, the same system that allows you to raid dungeons and raids in Shadowlands.

After release, it will be exclusively open for two continuous weeks and after that it will return to a one-week-gap event cycle.

Level yourself and gather adequate potions.

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The best thing about the Mage Tower Challenge is that it does not scale with the player level. That means if you enter the challenge with gear of level 1000+, you’ll breeze through the challenge without any difficulty. However, it does have an unofficial minimum gear level requirement of 900+.

Unless you have adequately levelled gear with their levels beyond 900, we strongly recommend avoiding the Mage Tower Challenge. Also, make sure that you stock up on all the necessary potions you will require to survive such as intelligence potions or health potions as you won’t have your team to rely on for healing this time.

Focus on surviving instead of killing.

The Mage Tower Challenge is hard, and it is considerably much harder if you don’t know the proper tactic to beat the levels. The way of completing the Mage Tower Challenge levels is not by damaging the bosses, but instead, focusing on your own survival first even if it means you are dishing out lesser damage in the short run.


There are several ways through which you can master the Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft and we hope this article was helpful for providing insights on some of them. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.