What is the Mage Tower Challenge in WoW Shadowlands

No video game has so many gameplay features and fun activities to offer as World of Warcraft (WoW). It has been around since the launch of the original game all the way back in 2004. If we think about how much the world has changed since then, as well as how much the standards in the industry and the technology in general have advanced and adapted, it is a staggering fact that the game is still around. Thanks to the constant updates and eight major expansions, World of Warcraft is still among the most popular titles around. While its glory days are behind it and despite the fact that fewer and fewer players play it or return to it, the numbers are still great.

The latest expansion which has been around for almost a year now is titled Shadowlands. It follows the players and the non-playable heroes of the universe on their journey to the afterlife. Shadowlands brings a few new gameplay and profession systems and a large new zone complete with new dungeons and raids. New gear and weapons, new mounts, and a revamped leveling experience are also there. The expansion started off well and the hype was huge, but the situation with the pandemic as well as the problems within the developer, Activision Blizzard, slowed down the initial release schedule of new content.

A Returning Feature

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With only a single patch being released so far, 9.1, this is the longest drought WoW has even seen. The next patch however, 9.1.5, is set to bring about things that the players have been asking for. Fan-favorite systems and features that would make Shadowlands a better experience are arriving soon, but the developers are also going to bring back an endgame feature that players simply adored. Although it was one of the crucial things two expansions ago when it appeared in World of Warcraft Legion, the Mage Tower Challenge is coming back. This will surely be a victory for the developer in terms of player numbers since many of them will come back to relive it in a new setting.

So what is the Mage Tower and what kind of a challenge it is? Those among you who have not played Legion and only started with WoW in Battle for Azeroth or even Shadowlands are in for a real treat. Think of it as Torghast but much more enjoyable, with more and better rewards, and something that does not feel like a grind fest. There is little that players of MMORPG titles hate more than grinding for rewards, achievements, or even leveling, but Blizzard has rarely delivered. With the Mage Tower Challenge returning, things appear to be looking up for anyone who misses one of the best expansions the game has ever seen. Read on to learn more about the Mage Tower in Shadowlands.

What Is It?

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Patch 9.1.5 that is already available for play on the public testing servers is close to a full release, but since the latest news it seems that it cannot arrive soon enough. The biggest thing it brings is the return of Mage Tower through the ever-popular Timewalking system in the game. Players who like WoW for nostalgia reasons are in for a treat as they return to the tower to battle its inhabitants and obtain otherwise not obtainable cosmetic rewards. By going back in time to the in-game version of Legion, you get the chance to relive the events that took place. Back then, it was a difficult and challenging feat to finish. There is no reason to expect anything else now, so if you feel like you need help, we highly advise you to check out https://buy-boost.com/wow/mage-tower-timewalking-challenge-boost.

Timewalking usually allows the players to enter old dungeons and raids and progress as if it is new content. A version of the game is available each week, one expansion per week excluding the newest one. When it drops, Legion Timewalking will be available for two weeks for everyone to try the Mage Tower Challenge. Following this, it will become a part of the standard one-week rotation with other expansions.

What Does It Bring?

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So what about the rewards? WoW is all about gearing up your hero character and making them stronger and better looking after all. Well, the original Mage Tower gave the players amazing weapon looks that could not be found anywhere else. This time around, it is bringing back all the challenges that it initially had for every class, but the rewards are changed a bit to ensure the exclusivity of the original rewards for players who were around some five years ago. It would not be fair if new players get the same rewards years after. This is customary in the entire gaming industry and it makes perfect sense.

The new rewards are not weapons this time around, but they still look very nice and will surely make players visit the tower. They are still highly valuable and they look amazing. If you love transmogrification, you will want to complete these challenges and make your characters as cool as possible. The rewards are recolors of T20 armor transmogs, which include the twentieth editions of Mythic Raid and Elite PvP versions that appeared in Legion. Players largely agree that the sets are some of the best the game has ever introduced.

The most popular reward, a special Werebear appearance for the bear form of Guardian Druids, is also returning. It has a different design that the original one, but it is still only one of the two designs like this since there is no other way to obtain it nowadays. It is a highly sought after look and one of those exclusives that everyone wants.

Before you can get the rewards though, you have to complete the challenge itself. There are seven challenges, each one for a different set of subclasses:

  1. Closing the Eye is for Frost Death Knights, Havoc Demon Hunters, Survival Hunters, Subtlety Rogues, and Arms Warriors.

2. An Impossible Foe is the challenge for Unholy Death Knights, Feral Druids, Fire Mages, Outlaw Rogues, Elemental Shamans, and Fury Warriors.

3. The God-Queen’s Fury comes with the challenge for Arcane Mages, Assassination Rogues,

4. Retribution Paladins, Demonology Warlocks, and Enhancement Shamans.

5. Feltotem’s Fall sees Beast Mastery Hungers, Windwalker Monks, Discipline Priests, and Destruction Warlocks completing a challenge specific for their skill sets.

6. The Highlord’s Return is for the tanks of the game, meaning that Protection Paladins, Protection Warriors, Brewmaster Monks, Guardian Druids, Blood Death Knights, and Vengeance Demon Hunters complete this challenge.

7. Healer subclasses in the game complete the End of the Risen Threat challenge. These include Holy Paladins, Holy Priests, Restoration Druids, Restoration Shamans, and Mistweaver Monks.

Finally, the ranged classes and the dealers who usually carry the damage load have the Thwarting the Twins challenge. If you are a Balance Druid, a Marksmanship Hunter, a Frost Mage, a Shadow Priest, or an Affliction Warlock, this is what you will want.