4 World’s Most Remote Secret Beaches You Need to Visit in 2024

2020 was the year of lockdowns. Many travelers could not do what they love because many countries closed their borders. However, 2024 is coming soon, and we all hope things are going to be different. That is the reason why you should prepare yourself and find out more about new destinations.

We are sure you would like to visit a place where you can recharge your batteries. These places are usually somewhere near the seas or oceans, in the mountains, etc. However, this time, we would like to talk more about remote secret beaches. They are probably the perfect place to improve your mood after this crazy year.

The good news is that number of options you have is wide. Of course, we can’t say for either of them it is the perfect one. That depends on your expectations and requirements. But, whichever remote beach your choose, you should primarily read more and find out everything about it.

Unfortunately, some people have a common problem. They are not quite sure where and how to start their research. The good news is that you came to the right place to find out more about so-called secluded beaches. You will manage to find them in all parts of the world. Because of that, let’s find out together the world’s most remote secret beaches you need to visit in 2024.

1. Praia Do Penedo, Porgutal

Source: escapadinhas.org

We will start our list with one of the rare European countries that have access to the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is not only popular because of Cristiano Ronaldo. It also has many beautiful beaches that travelers around the world gladly visit. Despite that, the islands you can find in the Atlantic Ocean make this country even more beautiful.

Have you ever heard about Porto Santo? It is one of the smallest islands you can find in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is near Madeira and it contains one of the most beautiful remote secret beaches Praia Do Penedo.

The first thing we need to say about this place is crystal clear water. Imagine how it looks to clearly see the reflection of the sky. Despite that, you will also manage to see a lot of blue colors. Many people will agree that the view is calming and relaxing. Despite that, the beach itself contains golden sand. The locals claim the sand can also bring some health benefits to the people.

Finally, the last but not least, you will manage to get the silence you are looking for. The same rule counts for all the beaches at Porto Santo. However, it seems that this one is the quietest of all.

2. Cala Deia Beach, Spain

Source: fincallorca.com

We are not going to go too far from Portugal. Their only neighbors also have a big number of lovely beaches that tourists around the world should visit. Yet, the one that deserves your attention is Cala Deia Beach.

The beach got the name thanks to the nearest village known as Deia village. You will need to go for a walk for around 30 minutes from the village to reach the beach. Yet, in most cases, the entire trip lasts a lot longer. Until you get to the beach, you will see many pieces of evidence of how beautiful Mother Nature is. You can also go by bus that passes every two hours. However, we recommend you do not do that because you will miss some memorable scenes.

Anyway, the beach itself is secluded from the big cities on the island. Fortunately for you, not many people often come there. You will have to invest a bit more effort to reach it. However, the good news is that there is a restaurant near the beach. If you get too tired, there is a place where you can eat and recharge your batteries.

3. Vatersay Beach, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Source: saga-photography.de

It is the right time to move to the north and see what Great Britain has to offer. More precisely, we are going to talk about one of the most remote secret beaches in Scotland. If you admire white sand, then this is going to be a perfect place for you. The Vatersay beach is a place that will offer you that type of pleasure.

The water is crystal clear as well and swimming there is going to be amazing. Despite that, the number of people that come there is small. In some cases, it may happen that you be completely alone.

Reaching the beach is a bit easier compared to the previous two cases. You can fly to the Isle of Barra and go to Vatersay Beach without any effort. It is going to be the most fascinating plane trip you will ever have. It is the only place where planes land on a beach. Don’t worry, it is completely safe.

4. Linden Beach, Bulgaria

Source: razgradnews.net

Who says eastern Europe is not a popular place for traveling? There is one misunderstanding associated with Sinemorets. People often believe it is a destination with a lot of tourists and high-rise hotels. We do not want to say something like that isn’t correct. Yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to manage one of the most remote secret beaches there. The only thing you have to do is to walk along the coast. Sooner or later, you will see a few rocky scrambles. If you don’t have a problem to pass them, then you will see a hidden gem. More precisely, you will reach Linden Beach.

On your lest side, there is going to be the Black Sea that is crystal clear. On the right side, you will manage to see the thick forest of Linden trees. Between these two points, there is also a silver-sanded beach where you can enjoy and relax.

The tourists that come here usually have the same comment after leaving the beach. They needed time to get used to the crowds once again because the place is too quiet. If you are looking for a sense of peace near the sea, this is the place where you should come.