Which Caribbean Country is the Easiest to Get Citizenship?

Getting citizenship in any country is relatively a complicated and expensive process. If you want to shift from one country to another, you must apply for citizenship and submit all the documents. You do not need to get an opportunity to move to another place in a single attempt. Sometimes, you need to work hard and attempt multiple times to shift to your dream city. Similarly, many people want to move to Caribbean countries to study or get a good job.

Now, it is not easy to get citizenship on every Caribbean island. With the help of many investment programs, one can move to some countries because it is easy to get a passport. In the following write-up, we will discuss some Caribbean countries which are easy to get citizenship. Anyone can turn dreams into reality by moving to any suitable place. There is no need to put much effort to shift to a new country.

1. Dominica

Source: ccscaribbean.com

Within USD 100,000, you can get a passport to this country. It is easy to move to this place because it is affordable to buy a passport and stay here for a lifetime. Within three to nine months, you will become a permanent resident of this place. But before that, you need to pay the entire donation to Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund.

If you want to invest your money in real estate, then you can go for it by paying USD 200,000. Anyone with more free funds can invest their money in different things. In this way, one can make various investments in the upcoming years. The passport of this island is quite sturdy, and hence, one can access at least 139 countries, including Russia, the UK, etc.

2. St. Lucia

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The value of citizenship by investment program of St. Lucia is way better than Dominica. The donation price is the same for this country as well. You will get citizenship within three to four months, and anyone can invest USD 300,000. You can also invest your money in the government bonds of the island.

In comparison with these programs, the donation options are relatively better. With the help of a St. Lucia passport, you can travel to 144 countries, in which Russia is not included. You can also take advantage of a new tax home. You can become a resident of this place and get various benefits like others. One can study or chase a better job to become successful.

3. Antigua and Barbuda

Source: ccscaribbean.com

It is another island where you can get citizenship in USD 100,000. There is an additional processing fee of USD 25,000 by Antigua. You have to pay a total amount of USD 125,000. As compared to St. Lucia and Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda are not much competitive. You will get a better value in return for your money.

The passport processing time is also around three to four months. If you are considering the way of investment, then you need to invest USD 400,000 in real estate. It is possible to become a part of an applicant group by investing around 500,000 in it.

In comparison with the mentioned countries, its passport is quite powerful, and one can travel o 151 countries without a visa. In the case of family applicants, a family of four can apply for a single applicant for the same price. Therefore, it is quite a cheap and easy option for families and couples.

4. Nevis and St. Kitts

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If we talk about economic citizenship programs, then Nevis is such a country. In 1984, the island allowed citizenship to various people across the globe. The aim was to encourage the people to migrate to this island, and many people did it too. Nowadays, many people are considering moving to this island and spending their entire life here.

Within USD 150,000, one can access the services by investing USD 400,000. The total period is of five years to access all the available services. It is easy to get a passport to this island, and one can move to this place within no time. It is easy and cheap to become a resident of this island.

5. Grenada

Source: ccscaribbean.com

This place is quite popular as the Spice of the Caribbean. It is a fantastic and peaceful island with various investment programs. One can get the citizenship of this island with ease. Within a single attempt, one can move here with the passport.

In two months, you can get a citizen passport to this country, and you can stay here for a lifetime. But you have to invest around USD 100,000. Undoubtedly, Grenada is one the easiest Caribbean countries to get citizenship. If you want to invest your money in real estate, you must start with USD 350,000 as a single applicant.

It is possible to make a joint investment in tourism accommodation by paying at least USD 220,000. It is okay for some people to spend money to become permanent residents of this city. There are plenty of opportunities that one can seek here.

The Bottom Line

Moving from one country to another with a legal passport or citizenship is not an easy task. A person needs to apply multiple times to get the authority to move to another place. But comparatively, there are a few Caribbean countries that are easy to get citizenship. One can move to this island for a lifetime.

It is easy to get a passport to these islands without attempting multiple times. Once you enter these places, you can travel to more than 100 countries without any visa. As a businessman, it is a good deal because you can spread your business widely. If you have already decided to move to Caribbean countries, it is better to apply for a passport from the reputed portal.

There is a possibility of getting citizenship by investment for the whole family. If you want to need more information about these methods, then you must visit https://imperiallegal.com/caribbean-passport/.