3 Trendy Tips For Wearing Custom Enamel Pins

Whether you’re male or female, wearing the wrong enamel pin can leave us feeling like fashion faux pas. Enter our trendy tips on how to wear them with confidence! From jackets and hats to bags and scarves, these sophisticated accessories not only add interest to your look but also evoke an inner style maven each time they are worn. So if you’ve been wondering how exactly one goes about accessorizing their outfits with pins—look no further.

Types of Enamel Pins

With such a wide range of styles available, everyone is sure to find the perfect enamel pin for them! So without further ado, let’s get started.


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An elegant boutonniere is the perfect finishing touch to a suit! A floral pin adorns the buttonhole, injecting an extra hint of authenticity. However, be mindful not to let it wilt away.

Long-Stem Pins

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A long-stem pin is a lapel accessory that shares the same purpose as the boutonniere but with a longer stem. These pins come in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes crafted from various metals such as gold, silver, copper and more. Those seeking to express their creativity through fashion can choose from popular designs including flora, feathers or even animal heads.

Badges / Mini Pins

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Badges have been a celebrated tradition for centuries, initially adopted by military personnel to add texture and vibrancy to their uniforms. Many of the earliest designs featured national flags with subsequent styles including stars, shields, and other small items. If you’re looking to create your own unique badge then look no further than vivipins.com.

Trendy Ways to Wear Enamel Pins

To begin, it’s easy to add a touch of chicness to your wardrobe with enamel pins. They kindly shared their trendy tips on how best to pair them into your everyday look.

The traditional way of wearing it is to always have them on your left lapel and it should be positioned above your pocket square. This is the classy and traditional way of wearing enamel pins, but we’re going to include other trendier ways.

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1. On Your Belt

The latest fashion craze amongst women is to accessorize with enamel pins attached directly onto the belt loops. To make sure your look stands out, opt for a pin that contrasts in color from your belt. This fashionable concept groups exceptionally well when paired with a crop top or other fitted shirt as it helps keep the decorative accessory visible and adds an extra layer of stylishness.

2. On Your Jacket

You’ll never regret adding an enamel pin to your denim jacket. In fact, the more pins you apply, the better it looks! Don’t be afraid of placement either; they look great anywhere on the jean coat! Adding multiple enamel pins is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and trendiest fashion statements today.

3. On Your Backpack

Show off your stylish pins to their fullest potential by adorning them on a one-of-a-kind backpack. Select a bright and eye-catching hue that will stand out from the neutral tones of other packs.