What Is The Hardest Thing To Repair On A Ford Bronco?

Ford Bronco is one of the first vehicles to be called a sport utility vehicle. It had a lot of craze in America and is still considered a dream vehicle for many. While it has various features that attract the eye of various people, in recent times, there have been issues with Ford Bronco all over the place. Many people have claimed that they heard uncalled noises from the engine, and mechanics discovered metal parts in the engine after further intrusion.

Fixing such issues in the engine is time-consuming and can even need a complete engine repair. Opting for such a vehicle can even be a chore for an average person, but few people have so much craze for this sport utility car that they choose it no matter what. To not regret such a purchase, one needs to be aware of the hardest thing to repair in a Ford Bronco. Read below to get a list of things that are hard to get repaired in this car.

4 Things That Are Hard To Fix In A Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco is an excellent vehicle and has a wide and strong base of crazy fans. While it has incredible features, in recent years, there have been a number of complaints about the engine, brakes, and Wastegate of the vehicle. Many people have even had to get the parts changed multiple times. Not to mention finding good quality parts is a genuine hurdle nearby instead, you can try on an online platform like texas complete bronco to find the part of the vehicle you need.

Depending on the parts’ availability and your mechanic’s skill level, changing that part can take a lot of work. Below is a list of the top four things which were the most common issues people had and were difficult to repair.

1. Turbo Wastegate

Source: thedrive.com

The turbo wastage system of a Ford Bronco is an integral part of the sport utility car. Yet, many people have encountered issues with turbo wastage in the first 100 or so miles. This issue is not related to the turbo but the wastage system inside. The turbo wastage affects the performance, engine, and engine light negatively.

Even after several attempts at repairing the wastage system of the turbo, people had to get the whole turbo fixed after the issue continued more than twice to thrice repairs. Replacing the turbo might seem easy, but it usually takes more than a few weeks as this part is not readily available.

2. Engine Failure

Source: caranddriver.com

Having an engine failure is one of the most common issues in Ford Bronco. Many studies by Ford and Bronco said that this was because of a particular batch of faulty valves. These valves break not even before 5,000 miles and damage the engine, so the whole engine needs to be changed. Even after repairing, many people encountered the issues of a faulty engine and a loose valve.

Reverting to that, the company blamed the bad quality and the use of wrong valves as the primary reason for engine failure. Repetitive repair and finding the right engine without a faulty valve have been some of the most challenging things to repair in a Ford Bronco.

3. Tie Rods

Source: autoevolution.com

A tie rod is essential to keep your tires aligned and functional. If any of the tie rods get broken, the attached wheel gets separated and doesn’t align with the vehicle. It could cause accidents and sudden stops resulting in an immediate breakdown of the vehicle. Ford Bronco has been seeing this issue for a long time. In just a few miles, the tie rods of the sport utility car would break and result in a non-functional car.

Moving or towing this car and repairing it is very hard because it’s a utility terrain vehicle. A utility terrain car needs special assistance and as it’s primarily used in the backside or the borders towing it for such a large distance is a difficult task.

4. Brakes

Source: autoblog.com

Brakes are a safety system that helps control your speed and avoids accidents and mishaps. In the Ford Bronco, many people have noticed issues with the break, which first resulted from the engine itself. Initially, restarting the vehicle solved this brake issue, but it soon started recurring when the speed was constant. It is a severe issue as it dramatically compromises safety at high speeds and speed control at any moment.

Due to the huge chances of severe accidents and losses, many people get their brakes regularly checked and replaced. Later, Ford told the Ford Bronco owners that the brake system did not have any issue and that the vacuum in the brake wire caused this issue. People only needed to replace the brake wire at most and not the whole brake system.

Common Electrical System Issues In Ford Bronco

The above four are the major issues that were difficult to fix and needed more time and investment to get repaired. These four weren’t the only four issues faced by the Ford Bronco owners. The Ford Bronco faced other issues, commonly electrical system-related issues, mainly in the auto start and stop, clutch, spark plugs, and transmissions. These features weren’t problematic in the sense that the driver would have issues with the vehicle, but they’re costly to repair.

Even a single repair for the leaking of the transmission liquid costs a considerable amount of money. It’s not the most expensive repair like the hardtop, but depending on the effort that goes into repairing the leakage, it costs more than the average repair.


Buying a vehicle is a thrilling and exciting feeling, but before that, you should make a list of issues common in that vehicle. In that list, you should keep an eye out for the most common issues that are hard to fix and set your priorities accordingly. Ford Bronco is a favorite utility vehicle for many, and with the help of the naive list, you can easily set your priorities.