4 Tips For Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship During Covid 19 – 2024 Guide

Being far away from the person you love can be extremely difficult, and long-distance relationships are hard enough as they are. The COVID-19 pandemic that started at the end of the last year has already affected millions of people all over the world. More than 60 million people have already been diagnosed with it and every day it seems like the numbers are getting worse. Many countries that are experiencing the second wave of the virus are already putting in restrictions, lockdowns, and other necessary measures to protect the citizens. There are some people that are not allowed to leave their countries, and others cannot travel to some places, so being far away from the person you are in love with can take a serious toll on the relationship. If you are in a long-distance relationship during this hard period, you should know that you are not alone. Millions of people are going through the same thing, and even though it is really hard to understand this now, it is going to get better, and you will be with the one you love soon.

If you feel that your relationship is failing because of the pressure that comes from living in different places, along with the stress from the pandemic, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to survive a long-distance relationship during COVID-19, and we will give you some ideas on what you can do to keep the spark and the love you feel for each other.

1. Communicate

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The first tip we have about you is that you need to learn how to communicate. This is a really stressful period for everyone, and no matter if you can see the person you are talking to, or if they are in another country you should check up on them.

Share experiences, fears, desires, things that are troubling you or upsetting you. During this pandemic, we are more stressed and agitated, so it is really easy to misunderstand someone. Be patient, ask questions, and if your partner sounds like they are upset with you, talk to them. Listen and share. These things will help you keep the health of the relationship, and it will be easier for you to understand each other.

2. Share pictures and videos

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Just because you cannot see each other it does not mean you cannot still be a part of each other’s lives. So, you should share pictures and videos of the things you are doing, so that your partner can be up to date with your life.

You can send them pictures while you work when you go on a walk, or even of the game you are playing on your computer. Don’t focus just on selfies, and pictures of yourself, but try to make them see the world through your eyes (or your camera lens).

You should also try and have video calls so that you can see each other’s faces and reactions. Things can get difficult when you just type things, and you cannot always know the tone the other person used. So, use voice and video calls to understand each other better, and try to make it a habit to have at least one video call per week. You will see how much your relationship will improve when you include your significant other in your day to day activities, even in the digital form.

3. Do things together

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Being far away does not mean that you still cannot do things together. There are so many games that you can play with each other, starting from multiplayer online games, up to voice call ones, and even board games. You can check this list if you want to get some ideas on the games that you can play together, and get some inspiration on what you can do while you wait for the lockdown to be over.

Know that by doing something fun, you will not only make the relationship stronger, but you will also take your mind off of things. When you laugh together, and when you share your common interests, you will learn more things about each other, and fall in love even harder.

Note that you can also watch movies or shows together, but the only difference is, you won’t be in the same room. You can even order the same food, take walks, or exercise at the same time, so even though you won’t be together, it will feel like you are sharing this experience with one another.

4. Make plans

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This pandemic will not last forever, and even though we should get used to the new normal, it does not mean that you will never see your significant other again. Experts predict that the second wave will be over in the next month or two, and scientists are doing everything they can to release a vaccine that will help everyone around the world.

So, just because we live in a world that seems like it is on pause right now, it does not mean that you should not make plans together. Talk about the things you want to do, the vacations you want to go on, and the places you want to visit. Even if those things cannot happen right now, or have to be postponed for next year, or the year after that, it will still lift up your spirits. Daydreaming can help with a lot of things, and it will improve your mental health as well.

You need to take care of each other and know that this too shall pass. Things will get better, you will see each other again, and you will be able to do things, and have new experiences together. Check up on your partner, be patient with them, and share your fears, hopes, and dreams. Let them know how you are feeling, include them in your day to day life, and if you need some time alone, you should let them know as well. Don’t let things get harder just because of miscommunication, and know that with today’s technology, you can feel you are doing things together even though you are miles away.