Read Solo Leveling – Release Date and Review 2024

A book filled with intense drama and several other emotions. War between the humans and monsters might sound old, but the author has given a wonderful touch which makes this book series a must read.

A Peek Into The Storyline


So the story begins with an incident where a different world opened its gates into the world of humans. That door brought several monsters and because of the same a few people living in the human world acquired the power to find and kill those monsters. These people with special powers are known as hunters in the book. But it does not mean that if you are a hunter you are meant to be strong. Some hunters like the narrator of the story are known to be weak. Apparently, all hunters are given ranks according to their strength.

The main character in the story, Sung Jin Woo is known to be one of the weak hunters in the book. But one day he receives an enchanting quest that will also help him rank up, later he continues to receive one task after the other and rigorously levels up.

In the end, while completing tasks he reaches from the weakest Hunter to being the strongest hunter with the rank S.

The Characters

The main character in the story is Sung Jin Woo. The book is based on his adventures and how he managed to complete several different quests. Some side characters are also seen. Even a few monsters can be seen in the story while the story’s protagonist encounters them while completing his quests.

When Was The Release


Solo leveling was successfully released in the year 2018 and is still ongoing, chapters almost every new month are seen. Readers can easily find them all online. As of 2024, it is expected that the series will continue to be written for its fans till the year 2024 according to some sources. Other details are not available.

About The Author

It was written by Jang Sung-Iak. He got famous through this book itself but he has also written some amazing books like an alone level up. He dedicatedly wrote all the volumes of solo leveling. Some rumors say that he once said that he is imagining himself as the lead character in the story and that is how he has managed to write a book that long.

Things You May Want To Know About “Solo Leveling”

  • It has over 200 chapters and the book is still ongoing.
  • Not just adventure but the book also portrays several action scenes in the storyline.
  • The book contains around 14 volumes.
  • It can be read online on various sites like tappytoon and net comics for free of cost.

Summing It Up

After several amazing chapters, this book has won the hearts of many readers. With an interesting and unique storyline and relatable character, it has managed to become one of the best sci-fi and fantasy books in South Korea. The author is said to be a hard-working person with a passion for writing books, especially in the fantasy genre.