Blue Exorcist Season 2 – Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers & Updates

This amusing saga between a father and his sons is quite different from a typical anime series and that’s what makes it stand out. Season 1 of the show was a success and so the makers of the show decided to come out with season 2.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The show is based on a manga series that had been created by Kazue Kato. The anime series has been directed by Tensai Okamura.

Rin, a young and innocent teenager’s life changes when he discovers he is the son of the evil devil Satan. Yulio, his brother, is also shocked when he comes across this news. Rin, who is a thin and weak boy, is glad to know that he acquired Satan’s power and strength.

The evil slayer Satan kills Rin and Yulio’s father. Rin turns his anger into power, he joins True Cross Academy where he is rigorously trained under the most skilled teachers and completely changes his life. He takes Yukio’s guidance and after burning sweat, tears, and blood he becomes one of the wittiest and strongest exorcists. He had gained enough power to beat Satan.

Both the brothers are astonished by the powers which they have, as these surprise elements unfold one by one they make us curious and the drama becomes more compelling.

The Cast


The show is on another level, as it portrays two dimensions, one is a mirror and the other is its reflection. This peculiar feature which has been designed by witty minds has given it an edge.

Rin Okumura and his brother Yukio Okumura were the main leads in the second season. Rin’s father Shiro Fujimoto is also part of season 2 as his glimpses are shown in between. The character of Satan is also dominant in the show.

Season 2 has been divided into twelve episodes and it is quite different in comparison to season 1 which makes it difficult for viewers to link the story.

When Was The Release


The series was broadcasted from January 7, 2017, to March 24, 2017, on MBC’s Animism Programming block. The series is now available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Anime News Network, it also is now broadcasted with English subtitles and soon will be dubbed into the English language.

Things You May Want To Know About Blue Exorcist Season 2


Aniplex of America has released the DVD which comprises seasons 1 and 2. Viz Media was the one to broadcast the series in America and had released the first volume in 2011. The series has also been published in Shueisha Jump Square Magazine, which consisted of 27 volumes.

Blue Exorcist: The Movie has been specially made for film lovers, it’s based on the series and was released in December 2012.

Final words

It’s the characterization and the flow of emotions that make it stand out from other anime series. The mixture of fantasy along with reality makes the show a must-watch, it truly touches the heart as the character’s pain can make one emotional.