Nisekoi Season 3 – Release Date and Review 2024

Nisekoi is a top runner amongst the Japanese anime series to have graced our screens. The series is a rip-off of the Shonen Manga series which has the same name whose creator is Naoshi Komi.

This romantic light-hearted comedy saw its initial release on the 11th of January 2014 and was received with great adulation.

A Peek Into The Storyline


“False Love” as its interpretation, Nisekoi deals with high school students and pretty much focuses on the love angle of the main protagonist “Raku”. Belonging from the Shuei-Gumi faction and being the child of Yakuza gangster things doesn’t come easy for Raku.

Simplicity and honesty being his virtues, the plot begins with Raku trying to decipher the one who gifted him the locket he always adorns. A love memento to a pact made between Raku and his childhood sweetheart. This is amidst a forceful pairing of Raku with Chitoge, who is the daughter of the leader of the rival gang of Shuei-Gumi.

Raku hopes for Kosaki to turn out as the girl with whom he made the secret pact and the one who is his high school crush. Complexities arise when several key owners turn up as fiances. While acting out as girlfriend and boyfriend to maintain peace between the groups, Raku asks Chitoge to assist in his search of finding his one true love.

Several love interests of Raku are showcased in the span of two seasons while newer characters emerge in season 2. Raku sees a change of heart and his dislike grows into love for Chitoge while he also loves Kosaki. Chitoge leaves Japan and while finding her, the journey leads him to a book explaining the story related to the keys.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The sequel to Nisekoi could be the very last one and anime lovers are hooked to all the latest developments in place. This leaves enough room to expect Nisekoi will be sticking to the available source material.

While too many character arcs and jumps in the storyline led to several gaps in the story.

Following the manga series without any deviation would mean seeing Raku and Chitoge back. A promise is made by Raku to Chitoge like any run-off-the-mill love story and the series would end with them having a son.

While the mystery surrounding the girl having the key to the locket turns out to none other than Kosaki, would mean her featuring too in the series. But her journey would follow Raku’s refusal.

But to seek a successful run several interpretations are chalked out and the storyline could see further changes.

When Can We Expect The Release


The lovers of rom-com cannot wait for the release of the sequel for Nisekoi. Shaft Studio, the makers of the series, have had a busy run ever since the release of Nisekoi. There is no news as of now confirming that the show will be back on screens.

Summing It Up

The show gained immense popularity across the globe, with google trends showcasing a rising graph in countries like Australia, Sweden to South America. The anxiousness surrounding season 3 has only been growing for this much-loved show. One that led to a movie being released by the same name back in 2018.