How Often do Online Slot Machines Hit the Jackpot in 2024?

Casino games have prevailed for quite some time now. The aspiring gamblers are often found asking themselves the most eternal questions,”how frequently do online slot machines hit the jackpot?”

There are several factors that determine the answer to this question. In this article, we will explore those factors so that you can decide whether or not online slots are a good option for you.
A popular misconception is that the slots are obsolete ways of making money. In legal casinos, every slot machine is fitted with computer chips known as Random Number Generators. These chips are tested regularly, to ensure that every spin is unique and fair, even in reputable online casinos like Unibet NJ, the software is regularly tested by external auditors to ensure a safe gambling environment.

What are the types of jackpots available?

Online slots offer two types of jackpot:

  • Progressive jackpot
  • Fixed jackpot.

In a fixed jackpot, a fixed payout is offered, irrespective of the number of times a player wins the jackpot. The amount also remains the same, irrespective of the number of players.

On the contrary, in the progressive jackpot, the payout increases, with the increase in the number of players.

People belonging to all age groups have played the slots. Many of them have hit the jackpot multiple times. How often an online slot hits the jackpot is a matter of luck. However, practical players have identified a few key factors that increase their chances of winning.

Factors that will help to gauge how often online slot machines hit the jackpot


It is tough to guess arbitrarily how many times a machine has hit the jackpot. Bonanzas work somewhat like a lottery. The number of tickets players buy is directly proportional to the increasing pool.

How frequently a slot machine offers a bonanza depends on the number of turnover going through the slots linked through it. It also depends on where the bonanza level is sitting currently. We need to pay attention to a few factors, to understand how often online slots offer a bonanza.

The factors are as follows-

1. Slot Volatility

The payout frequency of a slot game is known as its slot volatility. In a slot game, playing high volatility games ensures higher payment. However, there are bound to be situations in which the players will not win even a single dime. So, people need to know how volatile a machine is, to find out how often it will offer a bonanza.

2. Time the Machine

Online casino players need to watch the announcements about massive victories. In case a particular machine has recently offered a bonanza, quite a few times, then the players should not use it immediately. It will take some time before churning out another victory.

3. The Cycle Of Slot Machine

No online casino games continue to be difficult throughout its course. A game may be tight for some time and there will come a time when it will start churning out several wins in a row. If the players get a win from a slot machine, they should not quit it immediately.

They should stick around to play a few more games on it. They may find a pattern of wins, and it may generate a series of wins in a row. If a machine has not hit the jackpot for some time, it may be ready to hit one soon.

4. Avoid Unpopular Slot Machines


It is unwise to trust a machine that is not popular among other players. They are unpopular for a valid reason. More popular machines have a greater chance of becoming loose. Machines that are popular among the other players have a higher chance of winning the jackpot frequently. The players may end up losing their money if they play in an unpopular one for too long.

Also, the unpopular ones do not have interesting games. The games in them do not have special features that boost your probability of hitting the jackpot. A loose machine may be strategically positioned between two tight machines. Hunt for that and start gambling. The loose ones also have a low volatility and hence offer a high payback percentage.

5. Never Play A Game For Too Long

Players become mentally attached to a game that has hit the jackpot multiple times. However, there are only so many times that a slot machine may hit the jackpot. After that, it reaches the break-in period. If it has hit the jackpot too many times, the chances are that it will stop winning for some time. So, the players may stop playing for a while. Or else, they may play in a different one for some time.

6. Play High Limit Slot Games


The high-limit slot games may burn a hole in the pocket of the player. However, these machines hit the jackpot more frequently. They need to be wary of their bankrolls when they play such games. It is a good idea to place a bigger bet.

7. The Number Of Tickets

The more tickets a person buys, the higher chances of victory the person has. The jackpot odds are better at limit value than at start value.

How often a game hits the jackpot is a random guess. Experienced gamblers act upon their hunch. Their hunch tells them how frequently they will win a jackpot game.


In any field, knowledge is synonymous to power. While playing a casino game, the knowledge of how frequently the slots will hit the jackpot is profitable. However, you need to consider all the factors mentioned above to increase your probability of winning the game. Also, remember to play responsibly.

Make sure to choose the machine intelligently. Find loose machines as they are more likely to hit the jackpot. Read online reviews to identify the loose slot machines. You must calculate the probability of the slot’s win ahead of time and go forward with it only if it’s profitable. Start using a machine only if you find its performance to be satisfactory.