8 Reasons Why is Handmade Jewelry More Expensive – 2024 Guide

The chances are pretty high that you are a lady reading this text, as it’s commonplace that this topic is more appealing and interesting to women. Or you might be an ordinary man looking for some nice piece of perfection that your mother, sister, wife, or best friend would like the most and appreciate to receive as a gift? It doesn’t matter if you are the one to buy this for themselves or maybe as a present – uniqueness is a rare bird in the megalomania-prone society.

We are surrounded by details, an abundance of colors, shapes, and concepts that catch our attention. Handmade jewelry breaths with the soul, passion, dedication, and much love. The artist involves physically, emotionally, creatively in the process and it’s rather considered an investment of a being into the process than anything else. When you pay for the specific piece, you pay for a piece of time stolen and cut from one’s life that would never come back to them, while also buying their overall state of mind and creativity that inspired them to bring that object to life from their imagination.

What makes the price of it higher can be described through several criteria that all together combine into a perfectly reasonable whole.

1. Machinery vs. human hands

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Some artists make the jewelry piece by piece, depending on the demand of their buyers. If the craftsman is making the polymer clay earrings based on the specific shape you want – for example, sour cherries on top of a birthday cake – they make this without machines that might easily create 100 or identical parts. Instead, they create it specifically for you, with colors you might ‘ordered’ in advance and with the specific appearance that’ll enchant you. This means they put a certain amount of effort into it and weren’t able to make any other ones while doing it – and even if they try to make similar ones for another person, they can never be the same. This way you’re unique in what you’re wearing.

2. The creators’ time costs

Maybe you sometimes wondered about something you regret from the past or certain things you wish you used more of your time for. Remember having to work late at night while your kid falls asleep waiting for you to come home? The bottom line is similar – we usually regret the moments we spent doing something less relevant instead of dedicating ourselves to crucial things, or not doing what we were supposed to do.

The artist who makes the jewelry that will proudly shimmer on your precious body has decided not to cook lunch, play with their dog or watch a movie with their spouse – they dedicated their irreversible time to the piece that you’ll get. Time has no price, it can’t be given back, but it can be made worth it – that’s why the price of their masterpieces will at times be higher than expected.

3. The journey vs. the destination

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Imagine planting a simple tree. If this is your first time doing it, you’ll probably remember every step of the way, from the seed to the baby sprout, as well as the first fruit or flower that would develop out of it. Even if the flower is the most beautiful one ever, you’ll appreciate the process of bringing it to life from the early start. It’s similar with jewelry or any other craft or artistic task.

The jewelry maker creates an intimate relationship with the pieces of their work. Most great artists don’t accept that their work is finished and always think there must have been more to add to it. They know every tiny detail of the piece they made and why they made it, and also how to appreciate the destination based on the whole journey. The price nearly represents that by evaluating the uniqueness that machine-made jewelry never gets to bring up, as it has no soul like the manual work does.

4. Raw materials

Usually, the raw materials that handmade pieces are made of have a higher quality that helps the artist express their creativity. The machines at a time serve as a carpet under which you can put some small things you don’t want to point out by following the pattern of unification.
On the other hand, hands use the material to give the best exact one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and bands that buyers will appreciate and pay more money for them to make sure they have the best both out of imperfection as well as from perfection behind it.

5. Quality and duration

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We can consider handmade jewelry an applied art for itself behind which the name and last name of the creator stands firmly. Their name is their brand, their enterprise, and their whole asset with their talent.

They’ll always choose to please the most refined demands and make sure what they create is durable, high-quality, and credible, and that their customers will always return to them when the need arises. Even if there’s the need for a repair, the one who created the ring with their bare hands would be able to brush it up to perfection at any time.

6. Sharing the same values

Some people find it natural to buy local food. The other ones make sure they act eco-friendly every step of the way, choosing the suppliers for every item they buy in the light of the values they share or not with them.

People will pay for the experience of buying something that came from the world of a familiar mindset, and they would be proud of this and happy they made their consistent and right choice.

7. Emotional touch

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Some jewelry makers develop their own small companies and start getting bigger over time. They tend to spread their businesses from small communities, such as eandejewellery.com in the UK, toward the wider market, but if they are wise, and most of them are – they’ll never lose the emotion they carve into the small flowers, hearts, books, hooks, or any other shape their shiny pieces of material are turned into.

The touch of sincerity, love, and joy they feel when they can produce something especially for you either after the order is made or beforehand, makes it impossible to get exchanged for any other thing you might get elsewhere.

8. The Skill Required

When it comes to handmade jewelry, there are a few key skills that are required in order to create beautiful, high-quality pieces. When looking to buy charm bracelets keep in mind that Jewelry makers must be proficient in metalsmithing techniques. This involves everything from soldering to setting stones, and everything in between. Secondly, they must have a keen eye for detail and design. Creating jewelry by hand requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail, in order to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Finally, Jewelers need to have a good understanding of the materials they are working with. This includes gemstones, metals, and other materials used in the creation of jewelry. By having a deep understanding of the materials they are using, Jewelers can ensure that each piece they create is of the highest quality possible.

In times when everything’s right there at your fingertips, when it isn’t the problem to produce but to put the exact value to what you buy and to make sure it’s justified in all aspects, you can sleep firmly knowing that a pair of artistic hands is always thankful that you decided to present them with trust. After all, when you support and purchase art, the art supports the world and gives it back multiplied – and the jewelry is a perfect example of this relationship.