5 Common Misconceptions People Have about 3D Plates – 2024 Guide

Vehicle owners far and wide tend to go out of their way to make their cars, vans, and trucks easily distinguishable in the crowd. While it can be rather easy to do something overly unorthodox and personalize the theme or the paint of a vehicle, subtle changes are often a much better choice. Enough of them can make any car look a hundred times better, cleaner, and more classy.

If you think about custom cars and personalized items, the license plates will hardly ever come into your mind. This is normal, as the small metal plates are something obligatory that we all have to attach to our four-wheelers if they are to be road legal. Therefore, people often overlook the things they can do with them in the sense of making the whole vehicle more special.

In the article before you, we will talk about the latest trend in the business of personalized license plates. You probably already know that you can have almost anything written on them, with enough compensation of course. Governments and traffic laws of most countries allow you to write important dates, names, or even jokes on the plates. However, another thing is grabbing the attention of drivers, that being 3D plates.

If you are unsure of what they are or think they are illegal, we are here to debunk the myths and tell you about all the common misconceptions about them. To learn even more about this amazing new trend, make sure to visit this website and order your own 3D set right away.

What are they?

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Before we move on and explore the misconceptions surrounding 3D license plates, we must first tell you a little bit about them. These are made using an acrylic reflective gel that is then covered with a layer of polyurethane gel resin. This goes on to of the regular lettering, numbers, and letters, that every plate has to have. The result of this addition is a raised profile of the characters that appear to be sticking out of the plate. Their depth is rounded and their overall appearance is enhanced quite a lot over the standard-issue ones. For this amazing aesthetic reason, more and more drivers, old and young, are opting to treat their boring old plates with the 3D treatment.


In general, the font and the size of the characters have to comply with the rules the government has regarding the plates. They serve a purpose in traffic and have to be seen from the car behind you, as well as from further away when the vehicle is parked. The color is also an issue in many countries too. As a result of such strict rules, the fines tend to be astronomical, and sometimes even worse than not driving an unregistered vehicle. If you take into consideration all of the rules in place, it seems that 3D plates are the best and really the only major way in which you can have custom plates that still adhere to all the rules.


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Now it is time to clear the name of 3D plates and tell you why you should not worry about something you potentially heard the people say about them.

1. They are not legal

This cannot be further away from the truth, as 3D plates are 100% legal to have. Since they do not change the overall appearance and function of the plates, therefore not messing with the laws, they are perfectly fine to install on any vehicle. As long as you keep within the general rules of your country, like the background and lettering colors as well as the font and profanity, you will be okay.

2. The gel falls off easily

False again. The gel resin used to elevate the letters and numbers and give them another dimension is durable, resistant to water, snow, cold, sun, and the rest of the elements, and pretty sturdy. What is more, everything used in this practice is as durable as standard license plates, including being scratch resistant, shock resistant, and car wash friendly. You can of course rub them off if you try your best, but that can never happen on its own in the usual driving conditions.

3. Everything is made out of gel

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Except for the coat of gel used on the characters, everything remains exactly the same as before. The whole plate and the original lettering are still the same color and made from the same metal alloy you are used to having on your vehicle.

4. Too expensive for regular people

This is a common misconception with all personalized plates. In many countries, having an obviously different one that utilizes the driver’s name or some other word does cost extra. However, depending on the traffic laws and the governments’ treatment of such issues, the prices vary considerably from country to country. Usually, rich and influential people tend to have overly-personalized plates that people then associate with high social status and immense earnings. With 3D plates, that is hardly the case as a par will set you back around $20 or however much that is in your local currency. It is precisely because of such an affordable price that this 3D trend has grown in recent years.

5. Cleaning is hard

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Last but not least, we have the issue of maintenance. However, since we already mentioned above that the plates are as durable and resistant as any old 2D varieties you have already dealt with in the past on numerous occasions, all we have to say is that they are neither more difficult nor easier to clean and polish. Therefore, do not worry and give your new plates a wipe down just like you would to a normal one you are now too cool to go back to!

Bonus Tip:

Before we let you go with must give you a pro tip regarding your new set of 3D plates. If you plan to get them, you should also definitely change your back plate’s lighting to get the most out of the 3D effect. All new cars have a little light just above or around the plate. Since you now have a cool new effect that works best if it pops out and casts a shadow, why not add a stronger LED or a couple of lights instead of just one, and reap all the benefits? Trust us, you will love it!