4 Reasons to Avoid Hiring Cheap Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving is a stressful process during which we have to make a lot of choices and decisions. While the whole situation around our move could frustrate us enough, the fact all of the available items we have are required to be relocated will make sure frustration is kept alight.

Added issues can crop up if we choose bad moving companies to execute the move itself. Such companies will usually be cheap and offer some tempting prices. However, you should be aware that this comes at a cost. These costs have been compiled and explained below as 4 reasons why you should avoid cheap moving companies, especially when you are moving long distances.

1. You could have your items held hostage

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Among the reasons why cheap moving companies have such a bad rep are the insincere movers who will trick you into their services and then try to rip you off. How this usually works is that they bait you in with a great, cheap offer. Once they got you hooked, they’ll find extra costs to latch onto you. This way, these movers inflate the prices of their service without really needing to.

However, they already have your stuff now and are waving a huge fee in front of your face. This can put you in a situation where access to the items is being denied to you. The more immediate problems this can cause should be apparent, if you need an item urgently there’s no way to get it, but the overbearing one is that you are stuck between an extortion scheme and not having access to your items. This practice is very much illegal but the legal repercussions for it are rarely applied.

Not only that, the legal proceedings could take a while thus leaving you without most of your furniture and devices until it is resolved. Paying the incredible fees is usually the options people go for out of necessity, the best counter to it is to not get hooked in the first place. It’s better to find more reliable long-distance moving companies San Diego such as gpsmoving.com or other locations could afford by checking the link. Of course, being wary always pays so no matter who you contact keep in mind not to get caught in a scheme such as this.

2. Cheapness can indicate bad work ethics

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While the price of service doesn’t necessarily indicate its quality, there’s also a very real possibility that the cheaper services have gotten to that point due to consistently fudging past jobs, lowering their public perception.

The key issue with these types of cheap movers comes from the fact that they are prone to last-minute cancellations. Their initial predisposition may seem completely fair and adequate but there’s a chance they’ll simply not come on time or at all. This behavior is common among movers who haven’t been properly vetted as well, therefore you should check out what state their business is in before engaging.

To avoid being suddenly left without an option for moving your items, arrange backup contacts when engaging these types of services. Your reason for even considering them could be the lack of money to afford higher-cost ones, or some added costs you are projecting. Regardless, make sure that you can contact somebody more reliable, even if they are in a similar price range, in case the current movers stand you up.

3. Inaccurate and unrealistic delivery promises

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This is another aspect where you may run into issues with a cheap moving company. The offers the service puts out could be rather weird, providing unusual schedules that seem too good to be true for their prospective customers. They may even promise to deliver your items on the same day. This is not plausible when doing the long-distance moving. The only case where your items will be packaged and delivered during the same day is when you are moving locally.

During summer these delivery schedules can be even more inaccurate. There could be whole weeks going by before delivery comes through. Extreme heat, traffic jams, and direct limits on shipments can pose issues to your delivery companies. If you are given an expedient estimate during these months it is likely you are being deceived.

Lastly, take into account the driving limits on moving vehicles as well as the distance they have to travel. While some companies will compromise the safety of our items and drivers on the roads to deliver our items faster, the estimates provided will usually be too good to be true even for such extremely reckless deliveries.

4. Lack of care with the items

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Our last point of concern doesn’t come from scams or inaccurate estimates but rather complete disregard for the items that are being transported. While it stands to reason that movers could run into issues when moving our items, even if they have been secured, and end up causing minor damage to them none of that compares to the potential amount of damage cheap movers can commit.

If the movers doing the job aren’t fully committed to respecting all the protocols of transport, it’s very easy to cause major damage to our items or even lose them along the way. These outcomes can stem from inexperience, movers having bad safety techniques that need to be mastered, or mediocre control of the vehicle they maneuver.

The higher-paid movers will aim to secure the delivery targets before even loading them onto the truck, arranging them in a manner where they can be safely stacked without potentially damaging each other during the drive. Again, minor mistakes happen and roads can be very unpredictable but a chipped table cannot compare to a completely broken one. Hiring better-equipped and experienced movers is unlikely to ever cause major troubles with your items.


Going for cheap long distance moving companies can result in scams and bad service. Although price isn’t a clear factor of quality, it’s safer to look up reliable movers that may cost a chunk more. This price will be justified with a delivery that should be without any troubles.

The speed these services employ may not be as insanely fast as the one promised by fast movers, but it is a more realistic one. In the end, investigate and explore your options before hopping into a business contract with any moving company, making sure they offer everything you are looking for.