How a Nail Buffer Can Fix Damaged Nails

Nails. We like to see them tidy, we dread when we see them bitten, broken, and dirty. How much we take care of them, even guys notice. For feminine hands and perfect nails, it is not necessary to go to expensive beauty salons because the right care will be best done by you. Perfect, naturally beautiful, and healthy nails seem like a complicated process, but, in fact, they require only a little attention.

Manicured hands give the impression of a person who cares and for the smallest details of their appearance, they say that the person likes to take care of themselves.

Nail extensions are very popular today and there is almost no girl who has not tried it at least once. The gel or acrylic that forms the basis of this technique is poured on a natural nail and then shaped. In addition to the fact that they always look beautiful, the gel also strengthens them, which prevents them from cracking. Of course, that doesn’t mean cracking your nails is impossible. In that case, what you can do is try to shape it a bit with a nail file, although a beautician will no doubt do the best job.


Of course, there are also those girls who are not crazy about long ones but simply like to be clean and tidy. Varnish in pastel colors will contribute to the desired look. Each woman should have a small nail accessory with them, one that will include scissors, a nail file, and a nail buffer.

Nail buffer is a part of accessories that serves to matte the surface. It is very similar to a nail file, except that its surface is soft because it is made of sponge and abrasive. The very design of the soft sponge file preserves the structure of the natural nail. The buffer may not help in case of major damage or when the nail cracks, but it can soften the edge at least until you get to your beautician or home. On Trysprig you will learn what is necessary for perfect nails.

To avoid nail damage, it is important to use gloves when doing certain household chores (washing dishes, etc.), but adequate hand and nail care is also necessary. We know that nails become bad when our body lacks vitamin B. Biotin can be considered one of the most important B vitamins – complexes for nail health. This vitamin participates in the metabolism of amino acids that play an essential role in their growth. Paying attention to the appearance and changes on the nails and a balanced diet with an emphasis on foods that have a beneficial effect on nails will help you have healthy, shiny, and firm nails. Not only will your nails look beautiful, but they will also show your inner health.


For beautiful, shiny nails, you can completely give up nail polish. Because the smooth, well-sealed natural surface reflects light which is why the nails themselves will shine. This is exactly what you achieve with a buffer. It is important that you go over the nail with gentle, circular movements and in that way, it will absorb the natural shine that we mentioned. However, keep in mind that too long filing and polishing can lead to damage because of the heat generated by rubbing your nails.
As the colder days arrive, your skin will become more sensitive and drier. Shea butter-based creams are a great solution because they provide deep hydration to nails that are prone to drying out even under normal circumstances, especially now. You can mix hand cream with natural oils such as olive oil to make your hands and nails smooth and shiny.

You can also buy some of the oils designed for their growth, strengthening, and regeneration. Oils will contribute to the renewal of the nails and the restoration of elasticity to the dried skin around the nails.

Nails are also a mirror of your health and can say a lot about your current condition. For example, if they are pale, they indicate anemia and iron deficiency. If white, horizontal lines are noticed on them, it would not be bad to visit a doctor and check the work of the kidneys and liver. Yellow nails are an obvious sign of a fungal infection. Of course, we’re not talking about smokers here, whose nails are usually yellow of cigarettes. We have already mentioned that often a lack of vitamins affects them, but if they are fragile and thin, the problem can also be hidden in the problem with the thyroid gland. A healthy and balanced diet is key to health. Whether it’s sleep quality, lack of energy, or nails.


Normal, healthy nails in younger people are pink, shiny, and smooth on the surface. The nail grows about 0.5-1 mm per week.

Read below how you can afford a simple treatment that will definitely please your hands. The first step is to remove the old nail polish. Then wash your hands and clean the area under the nails with utensils designed for that. It is important to have cysts for this treatment. The next step is formatting. File shaping is advised as scissors can cause the nail to crack if turned at a certain angle. After shaping, peeling your hands will surely please you. This is something you can do at home, even when you don’t have a product designed for it. Just mix salt or sugar with olive oil and rub lightly into your hands. Rinse with warm water and dry your hands with a towel.

Now that your hands are tidy, you can move on to nail care. Get rid of cuticles and apply a base coat. Once dry, apply the desired color. Keep in mind that thicker layers peel more often, which will be prevented by the topcoat. Learn more about nail care in this article from Cote.