A Comprehensive Guide To SEO Competitive Analysis

Search engine optimization or SEO aims at building traffic desired to boost the ranking of a page. A top-ranking website for a given keyword search in Google or other search engines requires more than what meets the eye. Rarely a keyword generates as much interest unless that topic is shared and liked on social media platforms numerous times. However, when SEO types are grasped and the analytics related to it is understood, the purpose is served in totality.

SEO Competitive Analysis

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Understanding the competition and their traffic-building strategies is possible through SEO competitive analysis. By assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the competitors’ traffic-building and digital marketing strategies, one can determine the gaps and calibrate their strategy in a manner that attracts traffic without the negative riders associated with the task.

Monitoring and reviewing the competitions without paying huge amounts for the intel is a great initiative to understand their content, keywords, backlinks, and other actionable insights that they are using. When we observe the competition, we are guided to even exercise controls to not follow through blindly. In this manner, the negative attributes are removed from the existing strategy and a business is ready to unleash digital marketing strategies.

Who needs an SEO competitive analysis?

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Everyone. Every business has to beat the competition. A lower-ranking business has to increase its visibility and a high-ranking one has to maintain its position. So the need to analyze the competition’s strategy for every business that is trying to maintain a strong SEO presence. The only way to create structured business growth that can be scaled further is through strategic empowerment that comes from digital marketing. Keeping a watchful eye on the competition and understanding their moves will help you improve and boost your business by identifying the gaps.

How can SEO competitive analysis help?

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  • Gain customer confidence

Even if your business is a ground-breaking idea with hardly any competition, it does not take long in free markets for another competing person to offer what you are doing that too at a discount.

Besides, competitors will always try to first poach the customer base through price wars. When a brand has built its presence with hard work and goodwill, the need to preserve the customer base and not allow them to fall prey to unwarranted tactics is the onus of the business.

Customers will be delighted to know when they are approached by you to reiterate your presence and subtly let them know that the quality of your products and services is non-negotiable. Any consumer is interested in price drop tactics only to an extent. Everyone will come back to the vendor who offers the best quality at a given price.

  • Understand why competition is doing well

In the SEO world if the competitor’s website is ranking higher with more footfall of traffic, then there must be something that is working for them or they are doing right. If the competitor’s website is ranking higher, then in all probability they are prompt in answering their user queries. They may have chatbots to automate the process and interactively clear the frequently asked questions. The search intent of the keyword is fulfilled appropriately using semantics.

The quality of the sites that link back to the website plays a pivotal role in creating the right kind of network and pushing up the ranks of the search engine. Google takes a serious view of the links that build to your website and checks them for their credibility and relevance which fulfills the search intent with the apt content. With the right backlinks when your ranking increases, the trustworthiness of your website also increases.


High-quality content and linking with credible websites is the right approach to build the potential of the traffic. But despite doing everything right, if the competition is ranking, then one has to understand the algorithms are built around consistency. There is a chance that your competition has an online presence ahead of you. And what you have achieved in a period perhaps is more than what they did over the period. For this reason, continually evaluating the competition and maintaining its quality in terms of link-building and SEO strategies helps a business over time.