Is it Safe to Use CBD Capsules When Breastfeeding – 2024 Guide

CBD oils have been with us for a while now and most have reached a consensus that they are, although not fully researched, good for you when you have certain problems.

CBD is a bit controversial topic all around and you will find all kinds of news, research and articles online that praise it and don’t. what is interesting is that all of those who used, or still use these oils have achieved their goal, and it is getting rid of the problem they had for a while, and without any problems to their health.

Now with any sort of medication, you have to be careful in two conditions, with a terminal illness and when you are pregnant. These are two specific states that require that you administer medications that will not make your situation worse, but help you overcome your problems and aches. Since CBD is still not accepted everywhere and since it has such a big stigma because of its ingredients, the biggest concern that arises is if it is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

The article here before you will try to tell you a bit on this topic and try to give a definitive answer, but with the reminder that you always need to consult your physician before administering any type of medication on your own. If you go looking for some quality CBD oils try, but again read the article through for these important questions.

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Now for most of you that are here now, there is some general knowledge about CBD oils and what they are. You are all aware that there is a great usage for them when it comes to dealing with anxieties, pains, depressions, chronic illness, cancer treatment, migraines, PTSD and so much more. CBD oils are great and they are continuing to prove great against these things. Thanks to our endocannabinoid system and the THC derivation that is in the CBD oil and their great cohesion the results of CBD oils on our problems is amazing. You know something is really good when athletes swear by this product.

CBD is great and all but you need to take all things in perspective. It is highly unregulated and it is FDA unapproved yet. These are some things that put off a lot of people from using it and if isn’t for a small percentage of those brave ones willing to experiment we might not know about the benefits of this. The first time we heard of CBD oils is when someone told us it was successfully used to remedy cancer-related problems that cancer patients were having. This sparked our interest and we dove done even deeper and started following the development and the usage of these oils.

The latest revelation we had is that athletes use these oils to treat their chronic aches like constant pains and muscle soreness. Some use it to take the edge they have been having after a workout or before the big games and matches. This is something that is working and there are a lot of researches tied to fitness and athlete communities that back this up.

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What we have here before us as a big question and potential problem is whether is it safe to use these oils when pregnant and when breastfeeding. Now since we told you to look at the bigger picture you have to take a long step back here and check all corners. Being pregnant is no state to be messing with something that isn’t guaranteed by a higher authority, in this case, the FDA. We don’t believe that there is any doctor, physician or midwife that will tell you to try CBD oils while pregnant and/or breastfeeding or continue if you already took them.

This is something you need to be aware of. After some research the number of females reporting that they use CBD oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding rose from some 3% to 8% FDA had to make an official announcement and as they are concerned – “FDA strongly advises against the use of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and marijuana in any form during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.” Now if you weren’t sure so far this should be enough to make you think twice about it.

One thing to be clear we are neither approving nor pushing you away from CBD oils but some physical states are highly sensitive and that should be resected accordingly. Since we already mentioned, and you all know by now that this is a highly unregulated area then you need to know that there isn’t anyone controlling the amounts of THC you find in those oils. The amounts are stated according to the best knowledge the producer has and this is simply not enough to guarantee the safety of you or your baby.

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The pregnancy part is highly sensitive and this is the time when your baby is developing all around and you don’t want to impact that development negatively with something that isn’t guaranteed or regulated to the extent that you know 100% is what you and your baby needs.

The same thing goes for breastfeeding. Researches have shown that traces of THC can get into your breast milk and that your baby is taking it into its organism that way. What it does next is unknown and simply because of that reason that there are a lot of things that are still unknown you should be extra careful what you do during that sensitive period.

If you have problems and conditions that were treated with CBD oils before you get pregnant, try to find something to replace CBD oils at least until your baby becomes independent of you when it comes to food. It will be a long period and stressful one as well, for you no doubt but there is someone else to think about but yourself and it is worth a sacrifice.

The bottom line is that CBD oils are really good for many conditions that modern therapy can solve or has problems solving in a short period. The bad thing about CBD oils is their regulation and the heap of unknowns that makes us want to wait out for the concrete evidence that can guarantee you your safety and good health.