Are CBD Oil Products Safe for Pets in 2024?

Just when you think that nothing can surprise you anymore, the cannabis industry does its best to do so. We have all gotten pretty used to medical marijuana and we have all accepted the fact that this plant has a lot of other beneficial substances, i.e. cannabinoids that out bodies need. Additionally, everyone has come to terms with the fact that CBD oil can be extremely useful for us.

As if that weren’t enough, people are now increasingly talking about these products for animals. If you go on this URL, you will get to see that there really are various different Cannabidiol products made for our pets. This was bound to surprise you when you heard about it for the first time. Before dismissing to the whole idea right away, I suggest you try to remember whether you were instantly receptive to medical marijuana when it first appeared.

My guess is that a lot of people weren’t ready to embrace that idea right from the start and that it took some extensive studies and a lot of explanations for those individuals to start realizing that this is actually good for our health. The same goes for when CBD for people first appeared. Not everyone wanted to jump on the opportunity to use it right away, but almost everyone accepted its benefits rather quickly after doing some research.

History is now repeating itself with CBD oil for pets. Surely, as a pet parent, you aren’t ready to just accept this idea without first doing your very own research. There’s no doubt in my mind that you are most of all curious and even concerned about the safety of these products. Trying CBD out for yourself is one thing, but giving it to an animal that cannot tell you how it feels after ingesting it is a completely different thing.

This all means that you are the one responsible for figuring out whether these products are actually safe for your pets before you start administering them. In order to determine that, we will have to take a look at a couple of important things that are connected to these specific CBD oil products made for animals. That will help you determine their safety.

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Unsurprisingly, the first thing we will have to take a closer look into is the very plant that these products are made of. The plant is called hemp and, as you probably already know, it comes from the cannabis family. There is something special about hemp, though, something that makes it the perfect plant for manufacturing pet CBD products.

I’m talking about the fact that hemp contains extremely low and insignificant levels of THC, which is the substance known for producing the “high” effect. This low level of THC puts hemp in the category of non-psychoactive plants and that’s definitely worth knowing when speaking of CBD safety for animals. This is, however, not the only reason why it is safe.

It is very important to choose products that don’t contain THC because pets could develop some serious issues related to intoxication with THC, such as cancer, problems with muscles, and various chronic diseases.



The next thing on our list of factors you need to keep in mind when researching CBD for animals is, of course, Cannabidiol. CBD is actually short for Cannabidiol, and Cannabidiol is one of the numerous compounds that can be found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, though, Cannabidiol has no psychedelic properties, which further confirms its safety.

Also, you should know that you should not give the same products you are using for your pets. In many cases, people would add various flavors and sugar in CBD to improve its taste. However, you should avoid letting your pets eat a lot of sugar. There are many CBD products for pets that contain some flavors like meat or vegetables, but many of them have added sugars and sweeteners as well that can be harmful to your pet. Therefore, choose only products with pure CBD without any harmful additives.



Like with humans, animals can also feel many advantages from their daily intake of CBD. It is well-known that dogs can develop some issues with their behavior, and many factors can lead to that. In case you notice that your dog is barking excessively, express bad habits and aggressiveness, he might be dealing with anxiety, just like people do. In that matter, maybe the best solution to help your dog to become more relaxed is to start combining his food with proper CBD products.

Moreover, hemp oil can help in treatments of various health issues like epilepsy, chronic pain, and nausea. This oil is the best solution to help your pet with pain, and if you notice some strange behavior and fewer activities, it might be struggling with excessive pain.

Animals can also develop all kinds of cancers, and they can have the same benefits related to fewer chances to develop these serious health issues just like humans. It is proven that hemp oil can prevent the reproduction of dead cells and tumors. Nevertheless, CBD can also resolve problems with inflammation caused by bowel disease, arthritis, and more. Also, cannabis oil can improve the health of your pet because it can have a positive effect on the appetite of an animal. The proper diet is very important for the health of both people and animals.

Side Effects


Now, we cannot exactly talk about safety without mentioning the side effects that you may perhaps expect from CBD for pets. I’m sure that you have already researched the benefits of CBD for animals, but you cannot actually determine its safety without researching the side effects. Luckily, scientists have already done this research, so all you have to do is find out the results.

And the results say that you will not have to worry about any adverse and negative effects whatsoever, as long as you stick to the recommended dosages and administer the right amount. If it happens that you go a bit overboard, you shouldn’t panic, since drowsiness and temporary nausea are the worst things that can happen. In other words, those are the worst side effects. Of course, those can all be avoided by administering the products wisely.


As you can see, it is safe to add CBD into the diet of your pet. There are many benefits that the animal can gain from a proper daily intake of this ingredient. IN some cases, adding cannabis oil instead of giving your pet medication can improve its health condition more efficiently. There is a great expansion related to the CBD industry, and new and advanced products are being introduced on the market all the time. In that matter, it should not be a problem to find the right edibles and oils for a particular type of animal.

However, you should pay attention to giving the right amount of it to your pet since there could be some side-effects from overdosing. On the other hand, the best way to determine the right dose is to ask a veterinarian for advice because the amount of CBD can vary according to the size and breed of your pet.