How Easy Are Maine Coon Cats To Train – 2024 Guide

There are just a few breeds among cats that can stand side by side with a Maine Coon. These are the cats with a dog character because of their mild and calm nature. They are highly intelligent, but how difficult is it to train one – read in our guide for 2024.

Maine Coon – Gentle Giants You Will Fall In Love With


This cat breed can be an ideal pet for those who want the big cat that has a calm, composed character and is a great friend once the cat accepts people as a family. We have to confirm that this breed definitely stands out from other cat breeds. Many people say it is the largest cat in the world. Adult specimens weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. However, you can find information about specimens of nearly 39 pounds – but that exceeds the breed standards. The body of these cats is very muscular, strong, and narrow – so it looks very elegant. What makes this breed so appreciated is their thick fluffy fur – which becomes richer as it descends towards the tail. They are so beautiful and elegant – and you just can’t help but fall in love with them.

This Is The Old And Very Appreciated Cat Breed

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds among cats. It is believed they have originated in North America. However, there are several different views on the origin of this cat species. Some even believe that the breed originated in the state of Maine, by crossing a cat with a raccoon – hence the name of the breed Maine Coon. This opinion is due to the appearance of this cat, which has such a tail and fur. However, one thing is sure: This theory is not true because the crossing of a cat and a raccoon is not possible. The other theory about their origin claims that the first specimens came with the Vikings across the Atlantic. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Maine Coon is fascinated by water – perhaps also because its fur is so thick and repels water so that it does not soak, as happens with other cats with long hair.

Great Hunter


Everything about the Maine Coon cat indicates its adaptability to the harsh, cold climate. The fur is heavy, shiny, waterproof – and longer on the belly and collar. As the hair falls straight, its maintenance is very easy. It is enough to brush it once or twice a week. The tail is long, well-haired, and wide at the base. The ears are large, with hairy ear shells, and it is desirable that they also have what is called lynx tips. The paws are large, round, and serve as snowshoes. The eyes are large, and the chin and jaw are strong. All these features make the Maine Coon an exceptional hunter.

Distrustful Of Strangers, But Attached And Cuddly With Family

It is interesting that this cat develops very slowly, both physically and mentally. It actually reaches full development at the age of three. By the way, the Maine Coon is very attached and likes to play with people he has accepted as a family – while he mostly has a reserved attitude towards strangers. Over time, that attitude changes and the Maine Coon shows its true, warm nature to everyone. Even the most distrustful specimens will relax after a while.

Can We Train A Main Coon And How?

Because of their intelligence and a great attachment to the owners – Main Coon are called dogs in the cat world. This also means that you can easily train them, but certainly with respect for their character and needs. Generally, cat owners claim the same thing: Every cat has its own personality – so you need to find the right way to approach them. According to, when you find the right approach – you will have no problem with training your Maine Coon and we can guarantee you will be delighted with their abilities and intelligence.

Is It Hard To Train These Cats?

You already know the saying that you will find it hard to teach an old cat new tricks. Still, the Main Coon can pleasantly surprise you. Namely, this cat breed is quite intelligent. They love people and enjoy the attention of their owners. Main Coons can be trained to some extent. They can learn certain commands and tasks. However, it sometimes requires a lot of time, work, love, and persistence – because you have to keep in mind their character, and this can sometimes be challenging for you. Therefore, it is recommended that you start training them at an early age. What is recommended is to start training while they are still young – but slowly, gradually, and with lots of love and patience. Namely, the Main Coon matures a little later, so don’t expect too much at the age of up to 3 years.

Why Training A Main Coon?


Every animal learns the same way, and so does the Main Coon. The processes of cognition are the same as in all living beings – and the laws by which we learn are the same for all. The difference is only in the level of consciousness – and how much a certain species of animal is used to interacting with humans. For example, dogs are easier to train – but we can also teach cats how to sit and wait, and give a paw, or meow at a sign, and do some other tricks. We may need a little more time and patience because the process itself is much slower and more delicate – but it gives an equally interesting result.

What Things Will The Main Coon Master Quickly?

The Main Coon will have no problem learning where to go to the bathroom. It is enough to show the kitten litter box – and it will always go to the same place. But when it comes to teaching a cat to go to a place – it’s not always worth it. Namely, the Main Coon is a cat, and it, like any predator, mostly chooses the place where it feels safest, and from where it has an overview of the situation. Therefore, you can expect a typical cat character when training.

How To Motivate Them To Learn?


Just like dogs, Main Coons react positively to the attention of their owners, but also delicious treats. Therefore, try to motivate them in this way. Of course, no success comes overnight, so don’t expect it, but be persistent. If you put enough effort and love into the whole process, you won’t miss the result