5 Ways To Know If Your Pillow Is Too High – 2024 Guide 

The way you sleep will have an impact on your body’s relaxation and sometimes might give you body cramps. If you sleep on a high pillow, you are likely to suffer from neck pain, spine aches, and often shoulder pain as well. Several people do not know whether their pillow position is too high or too low for them.

If the pillow is too high, it makes the muscles in your neck spread and holds the spine out of alignment, causing your spine to be curved. Due to that, you may feel that your neck becomes relatively stiff in the morning, making it uncomfortable for you throughout the day. Hence, if you want to understand whether the pillow is too high for your sleeping position, keep on reading because we have included the best tips which will make it easy for you to determine the pillow height. 

Top 5 Ways To Find If Your Pillow Is Too High 

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Pillow Height Is Above 6 Inches 

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It is true that your personal preference and the size of your body might influence the pillow’s size. However, the general height a headrest cushion must have is between 4 to 6 inches so that it can provide essential support to your head and neck. If you sleep on your back, this pillow’s size is perfect to support your shoulders. 

A study conducted by a small team on foam pillows in three different heights reveals that cushions with a size of nearly 4 inches give an excellent spinal alignment. In addition to that, the 4 inches pillows provide the best comfort and result in the least muscle activity. 

Having A Stiff Neck In The Morning 

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Here is another way with which you can determine whether the pillow is too high for your sleeping position. In general, people who sleep on high cushions have an elevated chance to suffer from neck stiffness when they wake up. Sleeping on a too-high pillow either on your side or back will result in an abnormal bent of your neck to the side or forward. Because of that, the muscles in your neck will be strained. 

In addition to that, this kind of sleeping position and high pillow height is likely to result in air pipe narrowing, which can cause difficulty in breathing and occasional snoring that may deter your sleep. If you usually sleep on your stomach and keep your head in odd angles on a high pillow, you are likely to suffer from severe neck pain, shoulder pain, and even backache as well. 

Curved Spine 

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If you have a curved spine while sleeping, it indicates that your pillow height is too high. People who tend to sleep on their sides will need a relatively moderate height pillow that can match the height of the spine, which is raised by the shoulder. The ideal pillow height must be firm and should naturally align your spine straightly on the pillow. 

However, if you feel like sleeping on a raised platform while laying on the cushion, it is a clear indication that your pillow height is too high. For people who sleep on their stomachs, it is better to sleep on a thin pillow. The pillow height ideal for side sleepers is high for stomach sleepers. 

Chin Pointing Upwards 

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Here is another easiest way to know whether the pillow height is too high. When you sleep on the pillow, make sure to check your chin’s position. For instance, if your chin is pointing upwards, it means that you are sleeping on a too-high cushion. Your chin’s position might be the result of your head which will bend back far when sleeping on a raised platform. 

Sleeping with an upward chin can cause immense discomfort to you and may lead to neck strains as well. Choosing the correct pillow height will ensure that your chin is laying in a neutral posture which is on par with the rest of your body. Make sure not to slant your head at an odd angle. 

Sleeping On Two Thick Pillows 

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Your pillow height will become too high if you go to sleep on two thick pillows beneath your head. However, if the two pillows are thin and each cushion measures only 2 to 3 inches, then you do not have to be worried about laying on too-high pads. 

Keep in mind that laying on two pillows whose height is over 6 inches can result in causing neck pain and spine ache. Instead of sleeping on two thick pads or two thin cushions, it is better to get a good rest on a single pillow made of soft materials.   

Choosing The Correct Pillow Height For Your Sleeping Position 

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Here we will see which is the right height of your pillow based on your sleeping position preference. 

Back And Side Sleepers 

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If you are likely to sleep on your sides or back, it is better to get pillows that have a typical height of four to six inches. In addition to that, this pillow height will make your body more comfortable and give extra support as well. It also ensures that your head is not bent back too far, which reduces the chances of stiff neck and sore back. 

Front Or Stomach Sleepers 

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If possible, try not to sleep on your stomach as front sleeping tends to misalign your spine, which keeps unnecessary strain on your back. However, if you can sleep in only this position, it is better to lay on a thin pillow which is about two to three inches.  

Bottom Line 

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After observing and researching carefully, we made sure to incorporate all the possible ways which can help you know that your pillow height is too high. Hence, follow these ways and correct your pillow height in order to escape stiff neck, shoulder pain, and other body aches.