Windows 8 / 8.1 Recovery – How to Create a Recovery USB Drive?

Windows 8 Recovery Drive allows you to do a lot many things with a simplest ways. As you might very well know that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are the top recent OS updates from Microsoft which are not that familiar with everyone. The simplicity which we get from Windows 7 is completely missing in this latest OS update.

Windows 8/ 8.1 designed with some kinds of advanced features and hence it lacks a lot of things. Sometimes, to get the useful options and other quicky things, you need to prepare a Recovery USB Drive of your current OS. If you are using any of these two OSs on your PC and want to create a Recovery USB Drive, you are at the right place. Following tutorial will guide you how you actually can create a Recovery USB Drive of Windows 8 / 8.1. Details are as follows!

Windows 8 / 8.1 Recovery – How to Create a Recovery USB Drive?

Step 1 :

Since it’s an advanced operating system, Windows 8 allows you an easy access to create a Recovery drive from its control panel. You are requested to go to your Windows 8 control panel.

Step 2 :

Now, click on to the System and Security link to move ahead and change the settings.

Step 3 :

In the above menu click on to the Action Center link which would be found at the top right of the same page.

Step 4 :

Click on to the recovery button which is located at the bottom of the Window button.

Step 5 :

There you can easily enhance the options with Create a recovery drive. You are requested to click on to the Create Recovery Drive option.

Step 6 :

You should see a separate Recovery window on your desktop’s screen.

Step 7 :

Now, to create an external Flash drive of your system, you need to have an extra USB device like a pendrive or an external hard disk with at least 500 MB of free space.

Step 8 :

Check the Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive checkbox which would be very well available.

Step 9 :

By then click on to the Next button and Windows will start searching the best available drive to create a new Recovery USB Drive.

Step 10 :

Next, you have to Select the USB flash drive screen and move ahead with the process. After this, choose the drive on which you want to create a USB Flash Drive.

Step 11 :

Once the external drive is selected, you are requested to hit the Next button. And the next page will show you a number of other options from which you need to select a Create option. In between this, you would have a number of instructions to be completed. Complete all the instructions which would be asked and move on!

Step 12 :

Wait for a while, the Windows will create a Flash drive on its own. To complete the entire process it will need several minutes. Firstly, the creator will make a free space by formatting the current drive and hence you are requested to keep the connected external drive after formatting it.

Step 13 :

The Recovery Drive is Ready this option would be there on your screen once the whole process gets done successfully! After this, click on to the Finish button to complete the Recovery Drive Process.

Step 14 :

You can label the drive with a proper name so that you can easily see and get interacted with the drive more quicker!

So folks, these was the simple yet quite messy way to create a separated Recovery Flash Drive of your Windows 8 / 8.1. To know more about it, you can save this recovery flash to your current PC wherever you want to. This way, you can see and get into it any time you want and this is how you can move with your Recovery Flash Drive well!

Talking about some other facts that if you are a complete new Windows 8 / 8.1 user, you should create a copy of your system so that in future you won’t have to go messed up with other things. You can have everything pre-installed in this Recovery Drive. To create one, you don’t have to have a Windows 8 installed on your PC, you can create it from any other Windows 8 users or from your friend’s Windows 8 PC. This can be done easily without much efforts!

So, what’s your take about this tutorial? Do you know any other way of creating a USB Flash Drive of Windows 8 / 8.1? If yes, do share your experiences with us. You can share your views and opinions too with us. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions to be asked, feel free to let us know. To do so, you can put your valuable words down into the comment section below the post as a comment. We would like to interact with you regarding your comment. Your feedback is always Welcomed! For more, stay tuned with us!