6 Reasons Why Walkie-Talkies Are Still Essential for Event Communication

Technology has made our life so much easier. We all have cellphones that help us communicate with our distant friends and family. Before smartphones were developed, people used to talk to each other with the help of walkie-talkie and pagers. Walkie-talkies are still very popular especially in the event organising industry. It helps the organisers to communicate with each other during the event.

When there is a large crowd of people present on the occasion, the event organising team requires a tool that can help them communicate and supervise everything that is going on there. Walkie-Talkie is a great tool for them as it allows them to reach out the other staff member just by pushing the PTT button to one or multiple VHF UHF radios. Let us find out some reasons why Walkie-Talkie are still essential for event communication:

Group communication:

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Walkie-Talkies are much better than cell phones when it comes to group communication. While using a cell phone, you have to call everyone individually and then merge it to a conference call. But this does not happen with the Walkie-Talkie. All you have to do is press one button and you will be connected to your group. Not only event management, but various other industries like construction, security, and police find these devices very useful for having group communications.

Instant connectivity:

Another popular advantage of using Walkie-Talkie is that it provides instant connectivity. Just by clicking on a button, the connection gets established for having a conversation with the other person. On the other hand, if you use a cell phone, you have to first dial the number and then wait for the ring tone to get over and finally, the person will answer your call. Sometimes during the event, you don’t have much time to wait and that is where Walkie-Talkies can be helpful for you.


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The best part of using Walkie-Talkies is that they are very affordable. If you cannot afford to provide every staff member a cell-phone for handling the events, then Walkie-Talkies are the perfect option for you. You don’t have to pay any monthly bills like you have to do with your cell phones. It does not matter what is the duration of your call, you won’t have to pay anything for communicating using a Walkie-Talkie. It helps in cutting down the overall expenses of your business.

Clear communication:

There are a lot of factors that can hinder the quality of communication on cellular devices. But Walkie-Talkie tackles all these conditions well and provides you with clear communication. There are various interesting features in the Walkie-Talkies that are not accessible in the cell phones. You can control the sound of the wind and allow resistance to severe temperatures, vibrations, and wet climatic conditions.

Works good in emergencies:

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During some emergency conditions, networks break down and you are not able to communicate with other people through your cellular devices. Phone towers stop functioning during the emergency and you need something that can work well in such situations. Walkie-Talkies can work even during emergencies. They continue to provide advantages like instant connectivity even in the harsh conditions. Check out Walkie-Talkie Rentals to get the best Walkie-Talkies for your staff members.

Easy to carry:

One of the main reasons why technology is getting advanced day by day is the difficulty of carrying old devices. Old communication devices were very inconvenient and bulky to carry. But nowadays, there are many lightweight Walkie-Talkies available in the market. You staff members can easily carry them in their pockets when they are organising the event.

Drawbacks of using Walkie-Talkies

Accessible in limited distance:

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The best part of using Walkie-Talkies is that they function really well even with the obstacles, but it has some restrictions related to distance. It cannot reach as far as the cell phones can. A mobile phone establishes a much better connection when it comes to long distance communications. There are many Walkie-Talkie available in the market that offer good range but they cannot establish connection between two very far places. Event organising businesses can use them effectively as they do not require distant communication.


Another drawback of using Walkie-Talkies is that it can often create interference and interruption. Sometimes, you want to convey something important to your staff members and if the sound quality is not good, then you will not be able to convey what you want to. The base antennas of these devices must be pointed towards the area from which you want to receive the signals. This point will help you in minimising the interference caused during the communication.

Security issues:

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The conversation that you have on Walkie-Talkies can be overheard by someone and this creates security issues. Sometimes the sensitive information can get leaked and this is not what you want. Whenever you are sharing sensitive data through this device, make sure that you keep it to the absolute minimum.

This is the reason why army men usually communicate with each other in code words so that the other person cannot understand what they are trying to communicate. If you have a business that needs to maintain the safety of its clients, then we would suggest you to use cellular devices for communicating with your staff members.


There are many ways of communication accessible these days but do you know that two-way radio communication is still very famous in various industries such as security, police, and event management. The organisers of the event use Walkie-Talkies to effectively communicate with other staff members. They are less expensive than cell phones and you don’t even have to pay any monthly bills for them. The other benefits of using Walkie-Talkie in event organising includes instant connectivity, group calls, and ease of carrying.