What Has Google Been Up To With Their Latest Android Versions

One thing that many tech geeks have on their mind is what in the world is Google up to with some of the latest Android versions that they’re putting out. Many people think that the changes are way to subtle and that they aren’t as fast and obvious as they used to be, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that there are many new features that the newest phones which sport Android are implementing. Only Android supports these features so you should be ready for some major gamechangers that are about to come out from this company.

First of all, we have to talk about the newest additions that their latest Pixel phone has because this is an obvious step that Google is making towards some more advanced technologies. We are looking at new software features in the camera, smart assistant, as well as the gesture and security departments. Let’s explore each one of these and see what exactly they’re bringing to the table.

Camera tech

When it comes to Google and cameras, we have always been used to them having some small 12-megapixel sensors, and then making some amazing photos with that. If we’re talking about the quality that Google presents you with when it comes to their camera, then we’re talking about image processing most of the time. We are focusing on this aspect as well when talking about the newest additions to the camera which include a manual exposure and manual HDR sliders that show you a real-time effect on the photo you’re going to take, as well as astrophotography which allows you to take amazing photos of the stars late at night.

Smart Assistant

If you were getting worried that iPhone’s Siri is catching up to the Google Assistant, then these newest updates should probably give you more confidence that Android is way ahead of the game in this regard. We won’t be mentioning Bigsby here however, since it’s such a bad voice assistant. What’s new with the latest Google phones is that they’re localizing the text-to-speech capabilities which has made the entire process insanely fast. This means that you’ll be searching the internet for your results as soon as you say what you’re looking for. This is great if you want to get straight into having fun with sites such as JerkMate and Milfy City and you don’t want to go through the hassle of typing the search terms out.

Gesture and Security

When it comes to gestures, it seems that Google is taking huge steps forward towards sensor information to ensure that you are definitely unlocking your phone without you having to put too much effort into it whiles still remaining safe and secure. They accomplish this with multiple technological advancements including infrared and flood light sensors and emitters, as well as a radar which will detect your proximity so that it can ready itself for your unlock request.