What Do Professional Dog Trainers Advise You To Use For Treats

The dog’s love for humans is really great, and many experiences have proved the famous saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Pet owners like to reward their furry companions – especially in the form of treats. Still, treats need to be carefully selected to keep your pet healthy and happy. Here’s what professional dog trainers use for treats.

The Leader Of The Pack And His Faithful Companion

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A man’s life is made up of many people, and the life of a dog is subordinated to one person – its owner. The dog is attached to all family members and loves them equally. However, his love for the owner is really special because he considers his owner the leader of the pack. Your dog is an integral part of your life and goes through all the happy and sad moments with you. So it’s no wonder that owners sometimes like to reward their pets with some dog treats. However, according to experienced dog trainers – owners often make some typical mistakes.

The Most Common Mistakes We Make

Most of us who have dogs very often tend to give our pets some treats. Sometimes we do it simply because our dog is so irresistibly cute – or sometimes because of the guilt we feel when we have to leave our furry pal at home when going to work. Although it’s hard to turn down those sad eyes that are watching us as we enjoy our dinner – be firm. Instead, experienced dog trainers advise: Reward your pet with healthy treats and help him improve his health as well as discipline.

Do Not Abuse Giving Treats To A Dog

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Very often we make the mistake of using dog treats for bribing instead of rewarding our dog. That’s a big mistake! Treats should only be used as a means of learning positive behavior. According to experienced dog trainers, you’ll need to perform this training in the first stages of your pet’s life – but also later in the adult stage, because the use of treats can be of great help for better and faster learning. Your dog needs to know about some limitations, but also, when he does certain things properly – he needs to be rewarded. However, focus on so-called healthy treats because you do not want a dog that is intelligent and obedient – but also obese or in poor health. Therefore, the choice of treats is of great importance.

Opt For Healthy Treats

When buying treats for your dog, make sure they are healthy treats. And what exactly are healthy dog treats? These are primarily natural treats that will also provide your dog with a health benefit. According to dogstuff.co.uk, healthy dog treats feed our furry friends with energy components that allow them to grow and develop following their potentials – and stay active throughout their lives. They will allow our dog to take in additional vitamins and minerals – and many of them also have a big impact on the health of your dog’s teeth and better digestion. Your dog will feel rewarded, and at the same time, you will do something good for his health. However, no matter how healthy, treats should be given in a balanced way – because even good things in excessive quantities are not always good.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Dog Treats?

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Taste and flavor are the first things on your list because your dog should like them. For starters, it’s a good idea to do it the same way as when you buy groceries for the house. Due to allergies, some pet owners need to find treats without wheat, corn, or soy. Look for those that contain essential ingredients like omega fatty acids. These enriching ingredients are a good reason to add some brands to your shopping cart. First of all, you must pay attention to the ingredients. If there is something you don’t recognize, that’s probably not a good choice for your pet. Now, look out for some tips on how and when you should reward your pet with treats.

Use Treats As A Means To Strengthen Calm And Submissive State

Try not to use canine treats to reward an energized, overstimulated dog. Continuously let the dog smell it first. Recollect that our pets can smell food from more than 20 meters of distance, so you don’t need to put a treat right in front of them. When the dog scents it – he might jump around you, and afterward likely leap on you. If so, pay the dog’s attention to your dissatisfaction with your body pose and gradually go in reverse or aside, then, at that point standstill. Don’t forget that your persistence will pay off over time if you help your dog to behave well. Inevitably, your pet will most likely begin attempting to think out what he needs to do to get the treat. He will bring down his nose to the floor and stand by, watching you in calm expectation. At that time – give him a treat.

Don’t forget that treats are one of the most popular tools for both dogs and owners. Giving dog treats can be one of the components in dog training – and at the same time serve as a reward for good behavior.


Finally, try to follow some basic tips that every experienced dog trainer will tell you. When giving treats to a dog – the choice should be made on criteria such as age, or health condition – as well as the lifestyle of your pet. That is why we can find so many different kinds of treats for every phase of your furry friend’s life. Remember, you should give them to your dog as a sign of affection – but you should also make sure you do that for good reasons. Of course, if you don’t know how to decide on the best treats for your dog – you better consult a veterinarian or dog trainer. This kind of help is sometimes truly valuable.