5 Simple and Cheap Upgrades For Your New Home – 2024 Guide

Who says that decorating is expensive? While it can be a huge expenditure, if you want to change everything in your home right away with brand new things bought from the store, there are also many alternatives ways of refreshing your habitat using your imagination. Tons of DIY projects are available on the internet for you to pick if you feel idealess, or just need something to trigger your inspiration. There’s no point in buying new furniture when you can find much better quality in second-hand goods, repaint them, add some modern element, and viola. You got yourself a piece of furniture no money can buy.

With just a simple few ideas and not too much money, create the living space into something chic and attractive for every eye. No need to call the handyman, because these ideas we’re about to suggest can be handled by you only. Not only they will refresh your house or apartment, but you will also enjoy endlessly creating your masterpiece. The feeling you get when you materialize something, contribute to its making, is truly rewarding.

1. Add some character to your walls

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Painting walls isn’t an easy job, you usually hire a professional to do it, and it costs money. Doing the painting yourself is not recommended because it can result in a catastrophe and it is by far the most tiring of chores. Those who tried it, know. How to add some style to your walls, when you’re on a budget and can’t afford wallpapers? Easy. As an excellent substitute, you can use wall stickers. They are available in various colors, designs, shapes, and are super cheap. The best is that they are easily glued to the wall, and there’s no trouble taking them off either. They come in handy for covering the damages and imperfections on the walls.

Naked walls can also be covered by some photos you took yourself. This is also a good diversion for places with imperfections.

There’s a great way to lighten or darken your walls with the same color, by using a cloth. The best cloth is the one color from the inside with the latex. Cover the whole wall with it, and not just one place.

All of the mentioned techniques can be done by using supplies from a dollar store.

2. Paint and Upgrade Knobs on Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen cabinets are the ones that get worn out pretty quickly, because of the daily activities. But aside from that you really get tired of looking at the same kitchen and the same cabinets every day. With a couple of tricks, you’ll get a brand-new kitchen.

In Kitchen Cabinet Depot you will find a special polyurethane varnish finish which is highly recommendable for usage if you want to apply some additional protection to your kitchen cabinets. They are easily damaged by cutting or scratching, and this way you will support their natural color and shine, making it last longer.

Knobs give the cabinet a special character. Just by replacing them, your kitchen will get a brand-new look. You can either buy new ones and change, or you can use something completely unexpected, such as old forks and spoons. Additionally, you may need some tools such as a cordless drill, which can be handled by anyone. Bend a couple of spoons and forks and place them on the cabinet doors, drawers, using the cordless drill. You’ll be surprised how cool it will look.

If you’re tired of the color of the cabinets, you can change it by applying self-adhesive foil. Moreover, this is the chance to wild and combine styles and design of the foil and create something cool.

3. Redecorate lampshades

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Lighting can be one of the most expensive elements to change or buy new in your home. Your space, if you want to create smart lighting can require more of them, and matching is expensive. But you always have a chance to give your old ones, some new charm.

Take your old lampshades, take them to measure the diameter and other sizes, depending on the type of the lamp. Then find some print you really like, in this case, we suggest some words or numbers, or even an interesting quote (a lot of inspiration is available on the internet). Print it on the paper and glue the paper on the lampshades. Additionally, use the adhesive tape in color, or a normal one made of cloth, and glue to the edges. The lamps will look attractive and edgy.

Space will look different if you chose not to apply the same pattern design on your lampshades. If you like them more discreetly, you can use pastel colors to apply to the lampshades. It can be a couple of shades of olive green, for example.

4. Decorate space with books

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Those who like to read must have a collection of books they have no idea where to put. Use them as decoration and distribute them to various places around your home. There’s also one cool idea to create a bookshelf out of old notebooks or books. Cut a piece of plywood, the same size as the book, and glue it inside the covers.

Also add L shaped shelf brackets, inside. The book will still look the same, only more stable because of plywood and brackets. Place the shelves on the wall, preferably in corners, and add a pile of books on it. Congratulations, you’ve just created a floatable book shelf.

5. Same furniture, different purpose

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If you can’t afford a set of new bedside tables just yet, but you have one or two old chairs you wanted to get rid of. Don’t. They can serve as bedside tables. You may want to apply some fresh paint and color them first, or not, that depends entirely on you. Place them on each side of the bed, add reading lamps and some books and that’s it.

As you can see, redecorating without investing tons of money, is possible. All you need is creativity and imagination.