How to Check Your Child’s Instagram Without Their Password in 2024

I know, as a parent, it’s very vexing to see your child glued to the phone and trying every possible filter on Instagram, posting stories after stories, and never letting anyone see what’s happening on Instagram.

I have sailed in this boat many times. I have two teenage kids that are addicted to Instagram. It was very hard to keep them away from Instagram. While they were like any other millennial kids, I was very concerned.

And why shouldn’t I be? All those scary news of kids getting bullied and humiliated over Instagram could send a chill to any parent’s spine.

So, I decided to find a middle way where my kids can enjoy Instagram and I know what they are doing without letting anyone know about it. Here, I am sharing my secret with you.

Spyic – Your Stalwart Instagram Spy

Using Spyic is what I am going to recommend to you when you ask how to hack someone’s instagram without their password. It is a world-renowned parent control app that has been trusted by millions of parents already.

Packed with some of the most extraordinary spying features and capabilities, this phone monitoring app is more than an Instagram spy. It’s a way to have a little stress-free parenting.

It’s a way to ensure the safety of your children in a world filled with endless cyber vulnerabilities. Due to its extensive functionalities and discrete performance, many leading media houses have also praised it and featured it in their special edition.

The New York Times, PCMag, CNET; you name it and Spyic has been featured by all these leading media outlets. Hence, it’s sure that we are not going to discuss any run-of-the-mill spy app.

To know more about how to hack someone’s Instagram without their password using Spyic, read in detail here.

Spyic has managed to pull off the name famed because of some of its notable features and facilities. Here, I am going to give a quick rundown of them.

Spyic’s operations are risk-free entirely


Spyic is not like those faulty spy apps that force you to take up the risky path of rooting or jailbreak. Yes, I know that these two activities will bring you success when you wish to secretly monitor Instagram. But, at what cost?

To enjoy success via these two ways, one must take-up certain risks like breaking off the original security seal or reducing the performance of the OS.

The outcomes of all these activities can be very scary. So, it’s not wise to resolve one issue and raise another one. Spyic works without rooting/jailbreak. Hence, no such risks are going to haunt you.

Spyic never compromise on data security

Data is crucial and no one wants to face any trouble at this front. But, you can if you’re using any faulty Instagram spy that saves data on the server and exposes it in the world of cyber vulnerabilities. Spyic doesn’t work like that and never let anything harm your data.

Spyic keeps your thing a secret

No parent wants to get exposed while monitoring the Instagram of their kids secretively. But, how many spy apps understand the depth of this thing? Very few and Spyic belongs to those few ones.

Spyic has ways to keep your motives a secret affair. For instance, its Android solution comes with a stealth mode that completely hides the presence of the spy app on your kid’s phone.

Though the app would be downloaded and fully functional on your kid’s phone, no one will be able to notice it. Also, the app works without sending any notifications/alerts on the targeted phone.

Accessing data is also a very much secret thing. Without forcing you to stay around your kids all the time, Spyic fetches the data. All these things help you maintain the secrecy of the operations from beginning to end.

Can Spyic be trusted?

I know it’s hard for a parent to trust anything when it comes to kids’ safety. But, I can surely say that you can trust on Spyic. It’s completely safe and never causes any harm to your kid’s phone’s data or their device.

Also, you can trust on Spyic as it captures real-time data. Whatever your kids would be doing on Instagram, it will notify you without any manipulation. Each entry comes with a timestamp. Hence, you can do data verification then and there. It never let you down.

What are the capabilities of Spyic?

Well, the capabilities of Spyic are nothing but laudable. It is packed with every feature that is required of detailed Instagram spying. Using these features, one can:

  • Find out the posted stories
  • Read the secret Instagram messages
  • Know the followers
  • Find out the passwords
  • Keep track of the pages followed

Wait! We are not done yet. Along with Instagram, it can keep tabs on the around 35+ phone activities with the same ease and accuracy.

Yes, you read it right. It can be used to find call records, live phone location, SMS, SIM information, used apps, and internet browsing kind of stuff.

Such extensive assistance was never seen before. But, now Spyic has made it possible.

How much will it cost?


Cost is the last thing that you need to worry about when you’re using Spyic as it’s not at pocket-pinching. All of these features and facilities can be availed at a mere cost of $10 per month provided you go by its premium package.

There are multiple package options to choose from and each option is equally feature-rich and cost-effective. So, there is nothing that should stop you from deploying Spyic to do continual Instagram monitoring of your kids.

Wrapping up

Parenting was never as tough as it is in the digital era. There are tons of things to look after. As long as Spyic is by your side, there is nothing to be worried about. It can keep a tab on almost every Instagram activity of your kids without giving anyone a hint of it.

It’s super easy to use and will never break your trust. So, use it today and let no secret bother you.