5 Different Types of Bongs – Tips for Choosing the Best One – 2024 Guide

Smoking out of a bong is probably the most fun way to consume Marijuana for recreational purposes. It’s eco-friendly and it doesn’t consume any materials such as paper for example, which is a pretty big deal in 2024 when everyone is so concerned about the environment. For every thrown and burnt piece of paper you are one step closer to succumbing the planet, and it’s literally that serious. In fact, one of the main reasons why bongs see a huge increase in sales is because of the eco factor and all the movements going on in 2024.

With all of that being said, we can now move on to the other reasons why bongs are so popular. Well, one of those reasons is the interesting concept of a bong. Some are designed in a really “trippy” shape and that’s pretty cool. Other reasons are the many different themes, some pretty significant in the stoner culture. Rick and Morty bongs anyone?

In this article we’re going to help you learn more about these useful “tools”, so if you are interested in learning more, this is the right place to be at. Let’s take a look.

Sorted by Material Type

Bongs are made out of different materials, and that’s the first “way” to sort them out. There are metal bongs, glass, silicone, acrylic and ceramic ones. You can also find plastic (not recommended), wooden and bamboo models as well. Or, people make their own homemade ones out of an apple even. You’ll have to google that actually. Now that we’re familiar with some of the most popular bong materials, it’s time to take a look at the other groupings. Eager to see examples for all these? Everythingfor420 is a website where you can do so.

1. Straight Tube Bongs

Source: dumbshitnews.com

Not a very interesting design, but they are simple and reliable. They are smooth and easy to hold or place anywhere you want them to be. It doesn’t get simpler than this. They are made out of blown glass and they look pretty basic, although you can either find pre-decorated ones or decorate them yourself if you want to make the look slightly more fun.

2. The Percolator Models

Source: weedmaps.com

We’re not going to get too technical here, but we can quite easily explain this in just one sentence. Percolator Models reduce the temperature of the smoke before it ends up in you, so your entire experience will be much more pleasant, especially if you are a beginner and cannot handle heated smoke. These models are usually more expensive and not so easy to find.

3. Round Foundation Models

Source: canex.co.uk

These are probably the most common bongs that you can find on the market, and the most widely purchased ones as well. When someone pictures a bong, this is probably what they see in their mind. It’s nothing too special when it comes to these designs, but it’s what makes it possible for tall designs due to the stable base. The wider the base, obviously, the higher the entire design can be. Taller design means more ease of access. You can use the bong without having to lean on forward way too much.

4. The Multi-Chamber Bong Models

Source: cannabisdispensaryusa.com

Probably the most complicated designs out there, but they surely make your entire smoking experience a lot more advanced and “futuristic” if that’s the right word for it. They cool and purify the smoke so that only what matters the most for your experience enters your lungs. They are not the best looking ones for sure, but once a person sees you have one of these in your home, they know you’re talking business. These models are more expensive for purchase and are probably the tallest ones that you can find out of all he others. They are not very stable due to their small foundation but they get the job done.

We’re not sure if you can find one of these in your local 420-friendly store but you can definitely order one from the internet with ease. The price range for these models? Around a hundred dollars for a solid one. Is it worth the investment? Probably, if you are serious about having the best possible smoking experience. If you are just a “casual” recreational user, probably not, you can find cheaper alternatives. $100 is not that much though.

5. The “Zongs”

Source: pitbullglass.com

It’s like a bong, but in the form of a Z, therefore it’s called a Zong. Does it make sense? Probably. You can grip this one easily and without any issues. The foundation is round-like so you won’t have any trouble stabilizing it on your table or wherever you want to place it. They are not expensive and people love them mostly for their interesting design. You can most-likely find one in your local stores, but if you can’t, ordering one through the internet is always a good choice.


Not everyone has tried using a bong in the past for their occasional marijuana consumption sessions, but today’s article had the chance to change that. Bongs are something that we recommend even for those who are beginners in the entire weed culture, and we have multiple reasons for that.

Bongs come in many different shapes and sizes, and they are a lot more fun to use than the older traditional methods such as rolling a cigarette and smoking it. They pollute less and they contribute to the eco-friendly movement which is of huge significance in the past few years, and it’s about to become even more important in the upcoming years.

It’s easy to find your right type of a bong, simply because there are many choices available on the market. You can order one through the internet if your local stores don’t have enough options for you. Other than that, there are some myths regarding the usage of bongs but you have quite a lot of information available on the internet to “bust” all of those. It’s simply the more convenient way of consuming Cannabis, and we recommend it.