Top 9 Amazing iPhone 5 Tricks

pple launched its new iPhone 5 with great buzz and promotion. Recently, the new update of iOS has been officially rolled by Apple and it clearly represents that Apple has learned a lot of things about Android. So now most of you have your favorite device with the latest features and better.
Enterprise Mobility mobile apps are also helpful for maximizing iphone usability. You think you know everything about your iPhone, things that you can do with your iPhone. Well, here are the top 9 tricks and features of the iPhone 5 templates, you probably did not know. These are the latest features of the iPhone in iOS 7. Read and find out what can your iPhone do for you.

The first camera button

If you take a photo of your own, you may find yourself messed up on your iPhone screen click the Capture button. It happens to most of us, and here’s a little trick or solution to this. Open the camera application and press the Vol Up button. And click! You made your photo without problems. Simply press the volume up . It is a good improvement with latest version of iOS.

Finding your iPhone

Are you afraid of losing your iPhone or stolen? You have nothing to worry about. Apple has a new feature for the latest iPhone operating system, you can integrate or utilize it to find your lost or stolen phone. You can easily manage your iphone apps on your device. This feature is really great. So you can use your phone to ring at a specific distance, you can delete all the data and can also block other iDevice. To configure this application, go to Location Services and turn on Find My iPhone. This is great feature for having nice user friendly interface.

Camera with headphones

Yes! It’s true. Now you can control the iPhone camera using the headset button. It is very simple and easy to use . Just open the camera application and press the middle button on the headphones and iPhone will take the picture. However, it can also be used to be secretly taking photos. This is great feature for having nice user friendly interface.

Hide Official apps

Latest iPhone features helps you hide apps. You can hide you official applications along with the un-official application, you do not need to un-install them, and you can use them whenever you want. There are some applications that are officially of no use to us. This trick will hide them on the home screen or menu and makes it open and clean feel. To do this, just go to Settings, then Restrictions – > Enable – > Password and off switch.

Read iMessage

This is a good improvement in iMessage. Now you can know if your message whether you message was received by your recipient or whether it has read or not. No more lies! Now you can take the other, if they know that their message did not read excuses. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts and activate. This will let you know when others read your message. It is similar to the new message function on Facebook.

High Dynamic Range

You must have heard the term “HDR “so many times. Now let’s see exactly what that actually means. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is an integrated technology in the iPhone 5, which basically helps take clear and steady shots, even when the camera is moving. It is very useful to produce high quality images with the iPhone.

Access with unlocking iPhone

You can quickly access your iPhone even when it is locked. You can access it if the phone is locked to access any application on Siri. To test this, connect your iPhone and then Double Tap the Home button twice. This will run Siri. Now you can do quickly tasks via Siri.

Location Reminder

This time, Apple has made iPhone even more personal. You can use iPhone to set location reminders; you can plan a position memory on your iPhone. Yes! It’s true. iPhone will recognize your location and will provides you information with notification of the location you saved in the previous local memory. To use this function, follow Location reminder application on your iPhone and configure it according to your needs.

Flip Color

This trick cannot be much sense, but it’s good enough to have fun with your friends. Your friends will definitely freak and see through it. To perform this trick, go to Settings > General> Accessibility > Triple-click Start > Toggle White on Black. Now see what happens when you time the home screen 3.