Top 8 Escape Rooms In Indianapolis

Are you looking for fun activities for yourself and your friends and family in Indianapolis? If you want to change things up a bit and have fun at extraordinary places, escape rooms are the perfect choice for you. Besides taking your friends to an exciting new adventure, you can also give them an escape room gift card and treat them with a unique experience in one of the best escape rooms in Indianapolis.

The first ever escape room was created by a Japanese company SCRAP in 2007. The founder of escape rooms, Takao Kato, envisioned a room filled with exciting clues and obstacles that players had to overcome before the time runs out. Today’s escape rooms operate according to similar rules. The only difference is that we have a wider variety of escape room themes available, which makes things even more interesting.

If you want to enjoy the best escape room experience in Indianapolis, check out Breakout Games and their escape room themes! They offer eight different escape rooms across two locations in North and South Indianapolis. Each of their escape rooms follows a unique storyline with interesting riddles and obstacles standing in your way. These challenging adventures require good problem-solving skills and teamwork. So, is your team up for the challenge? Find out by visiting one of the top eight escape rooms in Indianapolis, which are listed below!

#1 The Runaway Train Escape Room

The first Breakout Games escape room theme in Indianapolis is the Runaway Train. As you might’ve guessed by the name, this adventure takes you on a thrilling train ride towards the Central Station. While everything seems quiet as you travel through the country side, the situation quickly escalates as a group of radicals takes control over the train and plants explosive inside it. Your team’s job is to enter the conductor’s cabin, stop the train and free the passengers before it’s too late.

#2 The Do Not Disturb Escape Room

This adventure starts in the Breakout City where a mysterious criminal is kidnapping people and scaring the locals. You and your skillful team have tracked the kidnapper to an old motel in the outskirts of town where he kept his victims and planned new attacks. However, the criminal was ready for your arrival so he prepared a set of traps to stop you from catching him. Your task will be to overcome these obstacles and find clues that will help you save the criminal’s future victims. Be careful, if the time runs out, you will become the next victim!

#3 The Mystery Mansion Escape Room

The Mystery Mansion is an old mansion that was abandoned by a creepy family several decades ago. The legend has it that an evil supernatural presence still haunts the mansion, but these scary stories won’t stop you and your friends from entering the property. Once you start this thrilling escape room experience, you will find yourself racing the clock to unravel the mysteries of the mansion.

#4 The Kidnapping Escape Room

Imagine waking up in an unknown, mysterious room with a blindfold over your eyes. As you move around in complete darkness, you notice you’re handcuffed to your friends. You won’t have much time to think because the time will start ticking as soon as you wake up. Your team will have to think creatively to get rid of the handcuffs and find their way out of the locked room before the kidnapper returns. This escape room experience will fill you with adrenaline and make you feel on the edge the entire time.

#5 The Museum Heist Escape Room

In the exciting Museum Heist escape game, you and your friends will play the characters of ex art thieves. However, you will now be working on the side of justice, as you will be hired to retrieve some valuable stolen goods to the museum. You will only have 60 minutes to break into the thief’s home, find the stolen artwork, and return it to the owner before the prestigious gallery opens to the public.

#6 The Operation: Casino Escape Room

If you’re feeling like a spy lately, the Operation: Casino escape room will be the perfect choice for you. This thrilling game sends you on an exciting quest to discover the alias of a missing agent and bring down the people responsible for his disappearance. During the whole experience, you will have to find and follow complex clues and figure out the twists and turns to escape the room within one hour.

#7 The Island Escape Room

Imagine going on an island vacation but things don’t go as well as you planned them to. Instead of enjoying a beautiful vacation, you have to escape the place before an old volcano erupts and the lava reaches your friends and family. You will only have 60 minutes to find your way out of there before things start heating up. This adrenaline-packed escape room will keep you on your toes the entire time!

#8 The Hostage Escape Room

Last but not the least, Breakout Games offer you a thrilling, yet quite exciting experience in the Hostage escape room where you have to find your way out of a locked room within 60 minutes. The story behind this room is quite straightforward. You and your team have been on a plane that was hijacked by dangerous criminals. You all kidnapped and now you woke up in a dark room with handcuffs on. You will have to think fast because if the time runs out and the kidnapper returns, you will be in a lot of trouble.

Enjoy an Exciting Escape Room Experience Today

For more information about the best escape rooms in Indianapolis, head over to the Breakout Games web page where you will find valuable information and special coupons and group discounts. Contact their friendly staff members for more information, as well as escape room bookings and other details about game times and directions to these escape rooms!