Top 20 MUST HAVE!! PC Applications

Here you will find a great list of applications you should download for your PC. This is based solely on my personal opinion and not based on any data or other websites views. I have given my personal review for each program, but feel free to comment or add anything to this list that you feel I have overlooked.

20. Skype

Skype is a free P2P program that allows you to not only talk to someone over the internet but also setup video conferencing. Its newest features include Facebook integration and offline instant messaging. Skype also offers secure file transferring just like its counterparts. Skype gives programs like ICQ and AIM a big run for their money.

19. DVD Cloner 9

DVD Cloner 9 gives you the ability to rip blu-ray movies and decrypt all dvd protections such as Macrovision, AACS, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and RipGuard. DVD Cloner 9 can copy scratched dvd’s or cd’s so they are playable again. DVD Cloner 9 supports most burners as well as multiple languages.

18. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a secure remote desktop application, however it is not limited to just that. It is also an instant messenger and file transfer application. Using it’s remote access features allows you to help users remotely and diagnose computer problems without being on-site. The login is straight foward allowing you to limit user access to VPN, presentation, file transfer, or remote control. It also has the option to set-up unattended Remote control, so if you aren’t at home or out of town and need access to your computer you have that ease of access. There are also corporate and portable versions available with more features, and the coolest thing is that they license unlimited computers for lifetime.

17. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a nice program for defeating unwanted spyware and malware. Malwarebytes is a freeware anti-malware program designed for even the novice computer user to operate. So if you have unwanted pop-ups on your computer this program is for you.

16. iTunes

Apple has come a long way with iTunes in the fight versus Winamp in the early days. iTunes started out as your average music player able to rip and burn cd’s. It has since evolved into a major multimedia platform capable or streaming videos and syncing to your multimedia devices such as your iPhone and iPod. It doesn’t stop there thow, You can rent movies, watch tv episodes and download music from it. iTunes now supports Mac and Windows Operating systems. Overall iTunes is an exceptional multimedia tool for managing your music and videos.

15. Adobe Flash Player

Over the years flash has become one of the web’s premiere platforms, overpowering html with it’s unique graphics and animation. Adobe’s flash plugin gives users the ability to view flash content through their browser. It is a very non-intrusive program that sits idle until it’s ready for use. So why you ask is it not higher on this list if it’s so exceptional? Well one of Adobe’s biggest and coolest creations has become one of the worst as of recent. Although it is great for watching embedded videos and cool site animation, Every site you go to now has that Flash pop-up that wanders aimlessly across your screen or jumps out while you are just getting to the good part of your article.However despite the recent downfalls of this program it is still one of the best platforms out there for viewing internet content.

14. Ad-aware

Ad-aware is a malware and spyware removal tool that has been around for a while. It comes in a free version and also a paid upgradable version. It’s recent version is quite slow to scan, however it is still very effective as it now includes an anti-virus addition.

13. VLC media player

VLC is an open source Media Player that features video playback and recording of streaming video. VLC can open up pretty much any video. Supporting HD, MP2, MP3, DivX formats and many more, along with an extensive collection of codecs. VLC is a must have application with great features and best of all its free!

12. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader can open and read any pdf documents, but also has the ability to read and complete forms. Adobe Reader now comes in a mobile android platform. Upgrade to the full version and unlock more features including creating PDF documents.

11. WinRAR

WinRAR is an easy to use interface that can decompress most all archive formats. It can also compress formats including RAR and ZIP at a faster pace than most archiving utilities. It also has the ability to view files without decompressing, which comes in handy for users paranoid that the music album they just downloaded contains a virus. In conclusion WinRAR’s compression ratio’s are far better than its competitors. So start creating your archives with WinRAR at only $29 for the full version it is a bargain.

10. Ultimate Boot CD

The ultimate boot cd is exactly what the title says. It comes with a whole list of bootable disc images all on a bootable CD. It is full of anti-virus, diagnostic, repair, and restore tools. You can do anything from retrieve lost passwords to partitioning your drive with this disk. The best part about this disk is that it is fully customizable you can add or remove any program on it.

9. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office comes with a brand new interface and all the same dependable programs from the past. Microsoft Office is perfect for the student who has paper’s to write or the business corporation who needs spreadsheets for their payroll. From typing up essays for school to the power point presentation’s for work, Microsoft Office is a solid product for those seeking a commercial office suite.

8. WordPress

This is your premiere blog service. You can post your blog’s with minimal knowledge of HTML or CSS as it has easy to use templates. You can blog with WordPress without the worry of ad’s or third party affiliates, for bloggers this is THE ultimate tool. Best of all WordPress is Free with thousands of plugins and themes included.

7. uTorrent

The hardest thing you will encounter with uTorrent is finding the best torrent sites. uTorrent is a low resource driven software that you can put it on almost any computer or even a USB drive. It has the option to prioritize your downloads and detects network congestion for best optimization. uTorrent is possibly the best Torrent client out there right now.

6. Open Office

Open Office is an open-source program that is similar to that of Microsoft Office. Open Office is able to edit basic documents but also spreadsheets, databases, XML, and more. It is also able to open and edit Microsoft Office and PDF formats. Hands down this is THE BEST free office suite you will find. So if your lacking in funds to buy MS Office, this is your next best bet.

5. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Anti-Virus offers both a Free Edition and Paid Edition for a easy to use interface with smart scanning technology to minimize system resources. One of the biggest innovations is AVG Secure Search. AVG Secure Search helps protect you when searching the vast internet while warning you of potential threatening sites. AVG Anti-Virus is a solid freeware solution for virus protection. I own and operate a Computer Repair business. Using AVG Anti-virus has been a great asset to me and my customers.

4. Google Chrome

Chrome is hands down the fastest browser out, while it lacks some of the customized add-ons that firefox has. It has a minimal interface but very powerful content viewer with built in flash player. Chrome is also on the forefront of HTML5 implementation within a few years you may see more users migrate to this browser

3. Mozzila Firefox

Firefox is no doubt the leading internet browser out there. It has amazing add-ons and now version 4 offers restart-less add-ons. The downside to Firefox is, that it’s still a memory hog. It now uses an all new more simplistic interface. It now offers HTML5 3D video as well. So if your looking for a browser out there that will do pretty much anything you want it to, Firefox can dish it out.

2. CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the best tools of the decade. CCleaner is a free system optimization program that deletes files you no longer need to free up disk space. It now includes a driver wiper, registry scanner, System Restore, Uninstall, and startup tool all for free. CCleaner will help speed up that slow computer by deleteing browser history, Recycle Bin, and cookies. CCleaner leaves a good argument that it is the best PC and now Mac cleaning utility.

1. Microsoft Security Essentials

This rough around the edges security suite has begun to emerge as a definite competitor in the anti-virus world. MSE is a suitable anti-virus for windows newer operating systems including vista and 7. MSE’s user friendly interface comes with a Quick, Full, and custom scan option. You can download MSE free from microsoft.