Top 10 Best Gmail Extensions & Plugins for Chrome and Firefox

Almost every person you would have known makes use of Gmail. Gmail is no doubt one of the simplest as well as the fastest mail services that is available to everyone for free. Along with the mail service, there are a lot of other add-ons featured by Gmail that could turn out to be very useful for you.

So if you are searching for a useful or productive add-on from Google, have a look at the top 10 add-ons from Google that you can add in your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Web Browsers.

Best Gmail Extensions & Plugins for Chrome and Firefox


If you are waiting for anyone to reply or respond to your Email, you can make use of this superb add-on to ping the email that you have sent back to your inbox along with a certain amount of time which is going to remind him again and again after some moments that the response to the particular email is due.


With the help of this add-on, the user can see the profile picture, images as well as the emails that you have sent to a particular person from your contact in the list format in your sidebar.

3. Sanebox

This application is very useful for those people who make use of their Gmail account quite often. It makes use of a very clever algorithm that sorts down all the email according to their importance and then decides whether to keep it in your inbox or not.

4. CloudMagic

CloudMagic is a very sophisticated search feature when compared to Gmail’s search feature which allows both offline as well as online search. The user can search his Gmail accounts without even logging in and can also preview all his messages from inbox. Several other Google features like Calendar, Docs can also be searched from CloudMagic.

5. Active Inbox

Active inbox takes the emails present in your inbox and categorize them into projects which the user can even label as awaiting, actionable, or dealing later. It also gives the user an alternative regarding what to do with an email instead of storing it in the inbox.

6. Gmail’s Canned Responses

Canned Responses is a service that is capable of sending standard, short canned messages along with a label to various emails as reply. The user can save short common replies using this plug-in and can send it to any one with just a click.

7. Write That Name

Write That Name is a simple plug-in that manages your address book on your Gmail Account as well as Gmail App. The add-on successfully manages all the incoming emails and then updates you.

8. FollowUp CC

FollowUP CC is a much better alternative to Boomerang when we consider reminding you of emails. Al the user is required to do is to formulate the add-ons email address in the place of CC and rest all with be handles by it easily. The user must mention the time you want to wait before sending the mail.

9. Web Mail Notifier

Web Mail Notifier can be a very useful add-on to you in case you are handling multiple email accounts. It effectively calculates the number of unread email present in each email account and notifies the user about the number of unread email in each account.

10. gMail Drive

With Gmail drive one can easily access the virtual drive present in Gmail on the desktop with windows explorer. All you need is a good broadband connection and you can then easily use gMail drive to store your data.

So these were the top 10 Gmail add-ons that you can add to your internet browser to make your email related works a lot easier as well as productive.

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