5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Old Window Shutters

Having a dream home is what everyone is aiming for, the only difference is that we all imagine a dream home a bit different. Someone is more focused on what is inside of that home some are focused on the outside look of it.

When we are on this topic and since we mentioned the outside look of your home, we will address a thing that is as important to your outside home look as the facade you choose – it’s the windows shutters. Most of you will now scratch your head but believe us that old, worn out, colour faded window shutters only diminish the looks you were aiming for and diminish the price of your home if you are looking to sell.

Now the article here before you will address the signs that will tell you when it is time to replace your old window shutters and we will go from the most obvious ones to the hard-to-tell signs. Now we do understand that there are several different types of window shutters and with a little help from diamondwindowshutters.co.uk we will pinpoint each one and tell you exactly what to look for and when to replace them. So, without any further due let’s dive straight into the meat and potatoes.

1. Age

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Now, this is the most obvious one of all the signs and you all should be aware of this. No matter what type of window shutters you own and what are they made of, there is something called the time and it ruins almost any material to some extent. Wood is probably the worst when it comes to outside factors and the time and it will be the first to go out. Plus, there is something to design as well because if you are making yourself a modern home there is no way you will hold on to old fashioned wooden window shutters. There are other materials wood-plastic composite and polycarbonate ones that are a bit durable but since they are all on the outside and they are all suffering from the same elements you can’t expect them to be forever lasting.

2. Can’t move them or they move freely

Now since the window shutters are there to give you a bit of privacy and to protect your windows from the elements to some extent, they are considered for replacing when you either can’t control them or when they move with the slightest breeze. Most of you will say that this can be due to hinges being bad and because the shutters have slacked over time but when these things start happening the move you need is a replacement. If you start tinkering with the hinges, tightening and lowering or raising the shutter you will most likely end up breaking something hard or impossible to replace and you will be left with an option of replacement anyways.

3. New windows

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Now when renovating your home, you usually have a list that you need to follow through if you want a home that is fully done and fully up to date. If you do the entire exterior and change all the windows the only logical thing is to replace the window shutters as well to have them go with the rest of your homes’ tone. People that do replace the windows but cling on to their shutters for any reason have found themselves in trouble later on. They either had to do them right after because the shutters deteriorated over time, and they had to get another crew to now do just the shutters, or they lost on the home price because the exterior didn’t reflect the home’s renovation to the fullest. Don’t make these mistakes just because you are trying to keep some of the home’s old shine, or because someone has put it in your head that materials and craftsmanship today aren’t what they used to be. This is all wrong and you will end up regretting your moves.

4. They are plain ugly

Another simple and logical sign that you need to change your shutters is when you find them so ugly that you can’t look at them. Yes, it is a bit silly but you wouldn’t believe how much people tend to procrastinate things and how much they can endure simply because they are lazy to do it or because they can’t find the money for it. These things tend to be dragged for god knows how long and as soon as you know it 5 years have passed and your entire neighbourhood updated their home’ look and you are that old shabby house down the road that everyone is looking away from.

5. Damage

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Now as we already mentioned the window shitters will deteriorate over time no matter what the material is. Some are a bit more durable than others but at some point, they all show their age and when that happens it is time for an upgrade. Wood is probably the best looking and gives a certain warmth to your home but it tends to go first especially if it isn’t properly protected from the get-go. Other materials don’t tend to crack or rot like wood but they can have signs of physical damage from rain, hail, storms or anything else. Maybe a bird flew in it sometimes and broke it or you forgot to secure it in the wind and it snapped off in the storm. Whatever the damage may be whenever it is visible to you and others it is time to replace your shutters if you want them to do their job.

In the end, there isn’t much to think about here. Doing your home renovation, do everything and plan everything accordingly. Do not skip anything important for the looks of your home or the price that you might need down the line. If there is damage in the shutters replace them without thinking, as well as if they lose their primary function. Whenever you can close them or open them if they tend to move whenever they want it is time for something new. These are not the things you need to sweat over. If something is ugly and functionless then it needs to go. It is simple as that.