Top Sexy Activities to Do on a Stag Do – 2020 Guide

The traditional focus for a Stag do is to provide the traditional Strip Artist as relinquishing the symbolic status of being single, therefore, no more frivolous liaisons permitted as you will declare your marriage vows to behold in sickness and health your chosen bride forever. The weekend highlights the vows and give the Stag his last and humiliating single to a married night out full of debauchery and depraved acts that supposedly he is renouncing in order to remain faithful and true in married life. The organizer who is usually the Best Man will look to arrange some activities that reflect the Stag’s loss as a single, young, and nubile man with an evening of humiliating events for it.

An all-round favorite which excites and appeals to the entire Stag group on all levels is splendid :

Oil Wrestling & Vodka Tasting. This spectacular show starts off with a few vodka shots and platters of food while the main event is being prepared. You are escorted to the private viewing arena and enter the Fighter Strippers provocatively dressed or appropriately attired according to your point of view, then, they begin to grapple in the oil which reveals them to be bendy beauties gradually losing their inducements during these epic wrestling scenes. There are 3 scheduled rounds and after 2 rounds of the Fighter Strippers, the Stag is ordered into the ring for a steaming hot round of humiliating moves on him which is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. A great way to kick off the Stag Party is to be collected at the airport with a transfer to your accommodation on the Strip Party Bus.


A Guide awaits you in arrivals and escorts you to the Party Bus where you can get a drink on board the luxurious dance club on wheels complete with state of the art sound system and mood lighting. The Party bus can accommodate large groups of up to 33 people with beer, vodka and wine all available in the 2 onboard bars. As you travel from the airport to the city centre the Strip Artist or artists as you can have more than one if want a real full blown party boards the Party Bus and now it is the Strip Party Bus show time. To add in the Stag humiliation factor some Stag groups book Big Bertha Roly Poly to join the Sexy Stripper. The Stag is blindfolded and handcuffed to one of the two dance poles on the mobile disco bus by the sexy one then Big Bertha makes her entrance, the look on the Stag’s face when he realises something is different and when Big Bertha finally removes the blindfold get your cameras ready for the Stag’s expression of surprise. This particular event is known as Beauty & The Beast and can be reserved for many other activities not only the Party Bus. The Strip Party Bus can also be hired for a city cruise too with the drop off at a popular nightclub included in the activity, once again a group of Strip Artists will entertain you should you wish to add them in when reserving this option. How about a sexy dinner? Grab a bite to eat with a massive steak feast with drinks all in and enjoy a private strip show for your Stag group, this delightful activity is the aptly named Steak & Tits event.


After a sumptuous meal sit back and revel in the traditional Stag Party Strip Show, of course, you can add in extra strippers and the abundance of Big Bertha to turn it into the Beauty & The Beast Show. In the good weather months the fantastic choice of a Strip River Cruise on the Vistula River will keep your spirits afloat with a party on board and all the various stripper attractions available, buoys & boobs galore.


If you plan a full evening of entertainment then all of these ideas above can be utilised throughout the night while you are on an organised Pub Crawl and finish with VIP Club Entry, there are specialised companies that will set up a Stag Party night with Guides running the entire evening leaving the Stag Party organiser free to enjoy the action to the full and implement his own personal humiliation tactics. One such company is Party Krakow, a long standing Stag & Hen company based in Krakow. The final top sexy activity has to be the 5 – Sexy Housemaid or Angry Manageress at your accommodation.


So, you have spent your first party night in Krakow and crashed out in the early hours of the morning but sneakily you have arranged an early breakfast time visit for the Stag with a stripper posing as a housemaid to clean his room. The Stag is all confused, still a little drunk as the sexy housemaid starts to flash him her wares then bursts in the show and that is when the Stag Group also burst in to get the all important photos and generally take Michael. The angry manager follows with a similar show when she enters her angry way in to the Stag’s room.


The above mentioned some sexy activities were based on the offer of Krakow stag do companies such as e.g.: – described are the most popular choices but there are plenty of other activities than fall in to this category and an honourable mention goes to Naked Body Sushi Eating and a VIP Strip Club Entry plus smaller Stag groups can hire the Strip Limos and Hummers for airport transfers or city cruises all of which can be spices up with extra strip artists or the weighty Big Bertha.

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