6 Easy Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Old iPhone – 2024 Guide

Technology advances every day, and as you’ve already noticed, there are new devices on the market every single month. The most popular smartphone brands have new models at least once per year, and users are expected to upgrade their old phones all the time. This is not something that everyone can do, and most people, get a new device once every 3 to 5 years. It is said that there are almost one billion iPhone users all around the world, and this makes the iPhone one of the most popular and desired phone in the world. The only negative side about this unit is that with time, you will no longer be able to use all the features, and most updates are available for the newest models only. So, if you have a model that is a few years old, but if you cannot change or upgrade it right now, you are probably upset by it losing its speed.

One of the things we love about iPhones the most is that they are extremely fast. No matter if you want to turn it off or on, switch between applications, or open a new one, everything will be done in a split second. So, when the model is a bit old, and when the device itself is weary, it can be pretty upsetting when you need to wait a couple of seconds for everything to open and load properly. The great news is, there are things that you can do to speed your old device up, and we are here to help you! Continue reading if you want to learn some easy tips and tricks for making your device work better. Note that these things can be used for most models, and they will not do any harm to your device.

1. Update your apps

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The first thing you need to do is to update your apps. The main reason why they might be slow or crashing is the old version of the app. So, sit down and see which ones are out of date, which ones need to be updated right away, and which ones are too large to be updated now. Note that you can easily check which ones you use the most, and you can start with them.

2. Update the software

If updating the apps didn’t help, and if your device is still slow or buggy, then you need to think about the software update. We tend to ignore the update just because we think that postponing it is the right thing to do, or you may not have enough space to do the update.

Know that when you install the latest version of the software, it will boost the speed, it will remove some of the glitches, and it will make your device faster. Try not to prolong this, and know that if you do it for a long time, your device will start getting slower and buggier just to force you to install the update.

3. Clean some space

Source: iphonehacks.com

The next thing you need to do is clear some space. You can start by clearing the cache, and according to iPhone-geeks, the WhatsApp and Facebook apps may have the biggest caches that may cause the phone to slow down or the apps to crash. Clean the caches, one by one, or do it at once from your settings.

The next thing you should do is check to see how many photos, videos, and audios you have on there. We tend to keep too many pictures, and they can take up too much space. Move them to your computer, and remove anything that you don’t really need. By freeing up space, you will let your device breathe, and it will instantly get faster.

4. Uninstall unnecessary apps

The next thing you can do to speed up your device and to free up some storage is to remove the apps you are not actually using. We all have too many games on our phones, and we also have things connected to social media profiles that we also don’t use.

Go through your application list and check to see what you use, and what you open once per year. You don’t need a speed checker if you only used it once, and you don’t need 10 different types of apps for beauty and filters. Chances are, you don’t need the sleep monitoring app, because it doesn’t really work. Delete the things you don’t need, and know that if you ever suddenly need it again, you can download it.

5. Turn off things you don’t need

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Now let’s talk about something that we all do. When we get a new device, we tend to turn everything on, from motion and gestures, up to automatic refreshing. These things are only using background storage, and they make your device slower. You’ve never gestured to scroll down, and chances are, you are never going to need it. So, turn it off, and reduce transparency. Reduce all the motion effects and you will notice the difference right away. Don’t allow for the background apps to be refreshed, as they will also waste the memory.

6. The auto-update is not your friend

The last thing we are going to talk about is auto-update on the apps that you have on your device. When you have this feature turned on, whenever there is an update, and whenever you connect to Wi-Fi, the app is going to get updated.

This is bad for you because you may not have enough storage, or you don’t want to install the latest version of the software. In addition to this, you may want to delete the app, and when it gets updated, it may cause the device to freeze, or it may take away from the storage space of things that you use and need.

Try not to use location services, and turn off things that you are not constantly using. The Wi-Fi and the mobile data don’t have to be on at the same time. Unless you constantly use the Bluetooth, turn it off, the same goes for GPS location, motion and gestures, and everything similar. Let your device breathe, and know that you should restart it after you clear things so that the new changes can be applied.