5 Benefits of Using Meal Replacement Shakes During Lockdown – 2024 Guide

A few days ago, it was exactly one year since patient zero was infected with coronavirus and registered. At the time, no one could have guessed that the whole world would be in lockdown just a few months later, during the spring. As summer came, the transmission of the virus slowed down and life seemed to return to normal. But with the arrival of autumn, covid19 has returned with full intensity and more and more countries are reintroducing lockdown to curb the spread of the virus.Smoothies and shakes are great for your body and it does help improve your overall health. However, choosing the right juice or shake is important. If you consider going on a juice cleanse, use this seven-day guide and start today.

It will probably stay that way until the vaccine, which is expected in a few months. That’s why lockdown is something we have to get used to, if we haven’t already, and we keep our health, both physically and mentally, as good as possible. There are various recommendations on what should be consumed to strengthen immunity and meal replacement shakes are certainly one of the leading things. That is why today we will introduce you to the benefits of using meal replacement shakes during the lockdown.

1. You will lose extra pounds faster

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Obesity has been shown to be one of the main factors in the development of severe corona virus symptoms. According to available statistics, most people who lost battle with this virus were obese people. So if you are overweight, it is urgent to lose weight as soon as possible. A balanced diet and workouts are a proven method, but as going to the gym right now is impossible or very risky, you need extra help. Meal replacement shakes are just the help you need. Instead of depleting your body with low calorie diets, which is not currently recommended, you will get everything you need with these shakes. They will significantly speed up the weight loss process without exhausting your body. It has been proven that people last much longer in the weight loss process with the help of these drinks. They are completely safe for diabetics as well, so there is no risk, on the contrary, it is highly recommended. There has been a drop in blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol, even to a greater extent than with regular diets. They are also very useful as a prevention for the yo-yo effect that often occurs in people who have lost a large amount of pounds in short period of time.

2. You will eat less unhealthy meals

Although many work from home due to the current situation, this does not mean they have less work to do. For this reason, we all often reach for an unhealthy meal because we are hungry and want to save time and not cook a healthy meal. In such moments, meal replacement shakes are an ideal option, because they are ready for use, you just need to drink them. You will get all the necessary nutrients, and you will avoid eating a high-calorie unhealthy meal. That way you won’t “poison” your body with sugar, salt, trans fats and things like that. You will fulfill your macronutrient goal, and you will not have to spend time preparing food. That is a win-win situation. All you have to do is to find the right one and latestfuels.com can help you with narrowing you choice depending on what you want. You can find keto, vegan, organic and many other types of shakes on the market.

3. They will increase your protein intake

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Although all macronutrients are equally important, it often happens that we do not get enough protein on daily basis. And without protein there is no strong immunity that we need now more than ever. Most people eat more carbohydrates and fats, and they often mistakenly use things like milk as a source of protein. Or the meat intake is too small. Now you are wondering why meal replacement shakes instead of whey protein shakes, but the answer is very simple and fitness sites like totalshape.com can explain this in detail. As good as whey protein is, it is exclusively a source of protein, while meal replacement shakes are a much more complete source of macronutrients.

4. Preventing binge eating

When we spend most of the day at home due to a lockdown, we are often bored and many feel anxious. Binge eating is something that everyone reaches for to solve problems with boredom and anxiety. When we finish the work day at our computer, we turn on the TV, order food and eat much more than we really need. Whether it is fast food, sweets or something else, it doesn’t matter. Even if we eat healthy things like nuts, if we eat too much, they are not healthy anymore. Meal replacement shakes will also help you because you will be full for a very long time after you drink one and binge eating will not even occur to you. This will save your stomach and liver from processing large amounts of food that would cause bloating.

5. Less frequent shopping

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Currently, going to any place where there are a large number of people is very risky. This even includes going to the supermarket and grocery store. And those are the places where we have to go, because we have to supply ourselves with basic necessities, primarily food. That’s why we have to go there every day and thus expose ourselves to the possibility of becoming infected with the coronavirus. With the help of these shacks, you can reduce the weekly number of trips to the supermarket. Order 7 or 10 meal replacement shakes and the number of other meals you have to prepare will be reduced. That way, it will be enough for you to go to the supermarket once or a maximum of twice a week because you will need less food, so you will be able to buy everything at once.


We are living in dangerous times at the moment, which we hope will pass soon because we are receiving positive information from pharmaceutical companies that are trying to produce a vaccine. But until then, we must take care of ourselves and use every possible help and preventive measure available to us.