Should You Automate Your Tweets?

Twitter is a great platform for communicating. Regardless of the 140 character limit, many people find that less is more when it comes to words. Authors can learn a lot from this. Not only are people sharing experiences but they are also sharing minds: through memes (hashtags) and trending topics, people can categorize certain messages under a particular meaning discernible by followers, friends, and family.

But keeping Twitter opened in a new tab 24/7 so that you may reply, re-tweet, or respond to whatever is going on can time-consuming…if not addicting. This leads another reason why Twitter is a great platform for communication: being able to automate messages.

What is Tweet Automation?

Tweet automation is executing the basic functions on Twitter through programs. With these programs setup you can post to Twitter any updates or response that you choose. For example, if you own a blog and product content regularly you can share with all of your followers/readers when fresh content is posted. This serves the dual purpose of keeping people up to date and advertising for your blog.

As you can see, automating one’s tweets can become a great way for your followers to stay current with your actions. Not only can your interests be tweeted, but if you’re an advertiser—or advertising—you can @reply or mention specific tweets that serve the purpose of fattening your pockets.

Making money off Twitter is a highly sought endeavor by many individuals and businesses. Getting paid for tweeting about a business or receiving extra traffic to your business’ site by utilizing automated messages is the very definition of passive income. Can you imagine loading up a dozen messages per month to third-party software and increasing business by 15%?

How it’s Done

Since I’ve been over some of the things that you can do with automated tweets, now I will go over how to do it. In order to automate your tweets you’re going to need a third-party application. You download the software (e.g. HootSuite, SocialOomph) and sign up for their service; don’t worry it’s free. After logging in, you can schedule some messages by typing them beforehand and loading them up onto the program. With this done, your tweets will automatically be sent out as you command.

You might already be familiar with the process of third-party software sending out your actions to twitter. If you’ve ever been on Tumblr or other social sites they typically ask for permission to access your account so that you can share what you’re doing whenever you do something. Automated tweets function the same way, but instead of everything being shared whenever you click “Send”, only the things that you specify are automatically submitted.

A Word of Warning

Automated tweets is a great way to keep in contact with people and customers; however, whenever there is something to be gained—particularly dealing with money—you get people that like to exploit the system. Don’t overdo automatic tweeting as you might get suspended or banned permanently.