6 Tips for Setting up a Rabbit Hutch

Raising rabbits in your backyard can be a practical solution if you can meet all the necessary conditions. And of course, if your local authorities allow this type of animal husbandry. However, if there are no restrictions in this regard, then you need to focus on providing rabbits with everything they need, including mainly shelter and food. Rabbit hutches have proven to be a practical choice when breeding smaller rabbits and a small number of them, but most breeders encounter an obstacle when it comes to setting up the hutch. However, with the right advice, it doesn’t have to be difficult. To help you, here are some tips for setting up the rabbit hutch that will make this process easier for you. Let’s go.

1. Pick the best location for the rabbit hutch in your backyard

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The first step in setting up the rabbit hutch in your backyard is choosing the ideal location for your rabbit’s shelter. You want to choose the spot that provides maximum security and protection from various adverse external conditions (rain, snow, sun, etc.). Also, make sure that you do not place the rabbit hutch near trees if there is a possibility that the branches will break off and fall on the hutch. Think about which location is not susceptible to floods and other adverse weather conditions and choose to place the rabbit hutch there.

2. Prepare the ground for the hutch

Before installing a rabbit hutch, it is important to make sure that the ground is level. Most rabbit hutches have a flat bottom or four legs, which means that if the ground is not flat, it can easily tip over under the influence of wind or rain. Take a shovel, level the ground and make sure the ground is ready before you start setting up the rabbit hutch.

3. Make sure to place newspapers all over the hutch floor

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The first thing to keep in mind when setting up the rabbit hutch is that you will need a newspaper to place all over the floor of the hutch. These newspapers have several useful roles, so you definitely don’t want to skip this step. They will keep all the grass and hay that the rabbits use as food (and for snacking to grind their teeth), so they will make cleaning much easier. In addition, it will provide the rabbits with the necessary insulation and ensure that they are protected from moisture, and also that they are warm enough. Of course, this only applies if you change the newspaper regularly. Make sure to place the newspaper in all parts of the hutch and we suggest that you place them in several layers to achieve the best effect.

4. After the newspaper is placed, it is time to spread the hay

When you set up the rabbit hutch you should do it in a way that ensures that it will be a comfortable place for rabbits to live and that they will have everything they need. Given that in this case rabbits are bred outdoors, it is crucial to provide them adequate insulation, which is achieved by using several tools. Once you’ve placed the newspaper all over the floor hutch it’s time to spread the hay. It is important to spread the hay abundantly, so that the insulation is optimal, as well as that the rabbits have enough hay to nibble on.

However, do not overdo it – it is important that rabbits have enough space to move freely. When choosing hay, make sure that it is suitable for feeding these animals, because there is also decorative hay on the market that does not meet these criteria and can be harmful to your rabbits. For this purpose, you can use wood shavings instead of hay, it is only important that they are not made of pine or cedar, so as not to emit unfavorable gasses. Choose, for example, oak wood shavings to ensure maximum benefits.

Of course, in order to provide rabbits with maximum comfort in backyard life, it is important to find a rabbit hutch that suits them. Choosing a rabbit hutch will depend on the size of the rabbit, the number of rabbits, the weather conditions in your area, as well as your personal preferences. At aivituvin.com you can find a large selection of rabbit hutches and choose the perfect one for your pet.

5. Make a cozy place in a rabbit hutch that will be used for sleeping

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Once you have finished placing the newspaper and hay on the floor of the hutch you now need to determine where the rabbits will sleep and make it cozy enough in order to ensure that your rabbits will enjoy it. In case you have used wood shavings, we suggest that you spread soft hay on the area where the rabbits will sleep so that this spot in the rabbit hutch is comfortable enough to sleep on. We suggest you visit one of your local animal supply stores and inquire about what they have to offer for this purpose. There are also various wheat or paper fibers that can be a good choice for bedding for your rabbit.

6. Don’t forget to maintain the rabbit hutch regularly

Once you have successfully set up your rabbit hutch, it is important not to neglect it, so that it remains a beautiful place for your rabbits to live. Change the newspaper and hay regularly, so that moisture does not accumulate and that the rabbits always have enough food to nibble on. If you notice that a wire is rusty, replace it in time. With a little effort and regular maintenance, you will ensure that your rabbits are protected and comfortable enough in their hutch.


If you are planning to breed rabbits in the yard, it is important to provide them with optimal shelter. Rabbit hutches are a common choice for a smaller number of rabbits because they provide many benefits. Still, for many setting up a rabbit hutch can be challenging. The truth is that this process is quite simple when you follow the right steps. Choose the optimal location, level the ground and start setting up the rabbit hutch. Insert newspaper, hay or wood shavings and make sure the rabbits have a cozy bedding area. Remember to maintain a rabbit hutch regularly to keep it a nice place for your rabbits to live.