How to Secure your Filing Cabinet to Keep it Falling Over

If you have recently invested in a filing cabinet to help organise your office, you will want to make sure it doesn’t topple over and spill all of your papers onto the floor. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to take some simple precautions when securing your cabinet. Here are four easy steps that will help keep your cabinet upright and organised.

Choose the right location for your cabinet

When placing your filing cabinet, ensure you choose a level and stable spot. Avoid putting it on top of a carpet or any other surface that could shift or move.

Bolt your cabinet to the wall

Bolting your cabinet to the wall is one of the best ways to prevent it from tipping over. Be sure to use brackets that are specifically designed for this purpose, and that are screwed into solid wood studs in the wall.


Use weight to your advantage

If possible, place heavier items in the bottom drawer of your cabinet. This will help keep the centre of gravity low, making it less likely for the entire unit to tip over.

Attach caster wheels

Attach caster wheels to the bottom of your cabinet if you need to move them around frequently. This will make it easier to adjust the location of your cabinet, while still keeping it securely in place. Be sure to lock the wheels when the cabinet is in its final position.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep your filing cabinet from becoming a liability in your office. Taking a few minutes to secure your cabinet can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

How Can you Make a Filing Cabinet More Stable?

Option 1: Use a Cabinet Locking Strap


If your cabinet doesn’t have built-in locking mechanisms, purchase a cabinet locking strap. This goes over the top of the cabinet and locks it to the wall. This will help prevent the cabinet from tipping over if it’s bumped or pulled on.

Option 2: Attach the Cabinet to the Wall


You can also physically attach your filing cabinet to the wall. This will make it much more difficult for someone to tip it over. You can do this by screwing L-brackets into the back of the cabinet and the wall. Just make sure that you use screws that are long enough to reach into solid wood studs in the wall.

Option 3: Use Heavy-Duty Casters


If you need to be able to move your filing cabinet around, you can purchase heavy-duty casters that will make it much more difficult for the cabinet to tip over. These casters hold a lot of weight and have brakes to keep the cabinet from rolling away.

Option 4: Add Weight to the Cabinet


One final option is to add weight to the cabinet itself. This will make it harder for someone to tip it over. You can do this by filling up any space inside the cabinet with heavy items like books or rocks. Just make sure you don’t add so much weight that the drawers can’t be opened.

No matter which option you choose, taking some extra steps to secure your filing cabinet will help keep it from tipping over and causing damage or injury.