Top Ultimate Secrets You Must Know About Using a Bong – 2024 Guide

Are you a new smoker? If so, no worries – everyone starts somewhere! Instead of worrying about everything you do not know, why don’t you try and use some of these expert tips and secrets of how to use popular cannabis accessories? Since you are not using this type of accessory, you might be unsure where to start – but that is okay! Everyone starts somewhere. By reading tips from experts and learning about the best methods of how to smoke properly and safely, you can avoid rookie mistakes. Let’s see a few ultimate secrets that you must know about using very popular cannabis consumption methods with your friends!

The must-know secrets and tips to using a bong for new users!

1. The bong consists of 5 pieces


The first thing that you must know about using a bong is that it contains five pieces. If you find that your bong doesn’t contain one of these mechanisms, you need to purchase a new type of apparatus to safely smoke your cannabis. A bong will consist of a tube, downstem, carburetor, bowl, and percolator. All of these components will work together to help burn the cannabis flower in the bowl, bring the smoke up the downstem, and let you inhale the smoke via the mouthpiece for a safe and pleasurable smoking experience.

2. Bongs have numerous benefits


The second secret to know before using a bong for the first time is that the percolation of the water helps the bong user safely and effectively smoke. If you want strong hits, smooth pulls, and long-lasting effects, bongs are the way to go. Percolating the water helps filter out small particles and harmful toxins that would otherwise be left into the smoke – instead, the percolator helps get rid of water particles that are trapped inside. Visit this site to buy yourself a bong.

3. Different types of percolators


The next thing to keep in mind is that there are different types of percolators you can use with your bong. If you are not used to using it, you might be unsure of what kind to get. Each type of percolator has different benefits and uses! Honeycomb percolators help filter soak through tons of tiny holes, whereas the turbine percolator uses only 5 or 6 holes. The hanging percolator uses a series of tiny tubes to increase bubble production, whereas the inline percolator uses some singular horizontal hole.

4. The downstem has three styles


The next thing to keep in mind during your first bong purchase is that there are three different types of downstem options. The classic downstem is a simple glass tube and can fit with the bowl, whereas the diffused downstem has holes to increase the amount of air passing through. Lastly, the direct-inject downstem is integrated into the bong itself.

5. Learn about the downstem


The downstem is the part of the bong that you use to help pull the smoke from. Without a downstem, the smoke would have a hard time traveling from the chamber to the mouthpiece – and you would not be able to inhale it. Furthermore, the downstem can come in various lengths, meaning it would take longer or shorter for the smoke to reach your mouth and your lungs. The downstem is one of the most important pieces ofit and can be easily purchased or added to your current setup.

6. Consider investing in an ice notch


The second type of accessory that you should learn when it comes to learning the secrets about bong use is the ice notch. The ice notch, also called an ice catch, is a type of mechanism that lets you use ice in your bong to help cool off the water and provide super smooth hits. If you find the water and the percolator are not cooling down the vapor enough when you inhale, you can add ice so it is very smooth and cool as it hits your throat. Using an ice notch can help you add extra cooling and a safer smoking experience.

7. Learn the slang terms of your bong


The next tip that you should take into account is to learn the slang words regarding your bong. Make sure you know the terms that are commonly used with buying and using it, such as a bong rip, screen, bowl, downstem, kick hole, ice bong, bong grind, and percolator.

  • A bong rip is a term that users of them will use when it comes to taking a hit from the bong. Instead of saying they will take a drag, hit, or smoke from the bong, typical users who are well experienced will use the term bong rip to stand for inhaling smoke from the bong to get high.
  • Screen – this term is typically used for the gauze filter in the bowl that helps prevent any excess cannabis flower from falling into your water and causing you to inhale solid particles during your inhalation.
  • The bowl is the round bottom part of it that uses the water and connects to the mouthpiece via the downstem. Without the bowl, you would not be able to hold the water in the bong and get it to bubble before inhalation.
  • The downstem is the part of the bone that connects the bottom bow to the mouthpiece. This has an important part in the functioning of it, as this helps the smoke and the water vapor travel to your mouth through the tube.
  • Kickhole – this hole at the back of the bong helps you fill the chamber with smoke before inhalation, letting you control the amount of your hit.
  • Ice bong – the ice bong is a type of mechanism that lets you use ice cubes to help cool down the hit.


If you are new to buying or using it, you need to know a few “secret’ insider information that can make your bong selection and use easier and more effective. Let’s see a few things that are must-knows when it comes to bong use and how it can help you during your first purchase.