7 Rookie Sports Betting Mistakes You Need to Avoid – In 2024

When you bet on your favorite sports, you have that unique splash of self-confidence, which is great, sure, but it can lead you to make crucial mistakes, and investing too much money on this is only one of them. While betting, the people sometimes forget how much money they have, and can they really afford their actions. They are following someone else’s instruction, and that usually ends up as a fraud, and many other mistakes that can easily be avoided with a little knowledge, and a lot of effort and dedication to the topic.

It’s worth mentioning in-game betting, betting on the same game with different tips, cashing out large amounts and spending them again, following online strategies, and many other things we think have an influence on the result. But, this market can be very complicated for those who want to go deeper into it. Even the experienced bettors made some rookie mistakes at some point in their “career” in this field, and they surely have some recommendations on how to avoid that.

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If a gambler has a performance of at least 60% of guessed and predicted results, we can say that he/she is a good bettor who understands the perks, and knows how to combine the odds, inner guts, and general knowledge for some match, and make a profit of it.

If you see someone make some of the mistakes we will mention in this article, don’t judge them.

Probably they don’t have the same experience as you, and they anyway have to lose a few times, until they learn how to do these things properly. For more information, you can visit bookmakeradvisor, and see how things are going right now. Until then, stay with us and learn more about the most common rookie mistakes you must avoid:

1. Being very strict by following only your heart or only your head

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Betting requires some piece of knowledge, but we all know that science is not very helpful. There are plenty of examples when some strong team or national representation is losing from the “outsiders”, and even the bookmakers can’t predict that outcome. Also, when you bet on your favorite team, it doesn’t mean they will win. Sometimes, they have bad days too, and in these cases, you must be realistic and don’t fall for your emotions. Rooting for someone doesn’t mean you need to bet on them, especially if the odds aren’t by their side. It’s on you to think about these things clearly, explore the team’s performance over time, and then make the decision.

2. Paying for fixed tips

This is a pretty common mistake. Some suspicious people claim that they know all the matches are already fixed, and they will tell you the result if you pay them some money for that. And when we say “some money”, it doesn’t mean a few dollars – that can be hundreds or even thousands.

But, we must tell you this is a fraud, and if someone offers you something like that, it’s the best decision to deny it. These people earn a lot from the inexperienced bettors who want easy money, but we highly advise you to avoid that and make decisions all by yourself.

3. Don’t always go for high payouts

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It’s very tempting to expect payouts from parlays, and sometimes you can do that. But, when you want to play safe, you have to stick to the books. High payouts are your goal, but you don’t have to go for them every day. Parlays are fun, but pretty risky too.

4. Not controlling how much money you spend

There is a simple trick so you can always be sure you aren’t overdoing it. At the beginning of the month, set your monthly betting budget, and try to stick to it. Split the money properly, see the scheduled matches, and decide when it’s the best time to create your winning ticket. Every successful gambler should always know how much money they have, and how much they can afford right now. So, don’t go over your planned budget, because nothing good will ever come from that.

5. Drinking and betting

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When we drink alcohol, we get an impression of boosted self-confidence, and our brains trick us to think we are capable of making good decisions. We don’t need to tell how wrong it is, right? First, being intoxicated means you have to go home and try to survive. Then, when in that condition, people don’t have control over their actions, and so won’t you. Don’t let the alcohol trick you into thinking you can better predict some results, just because you’ve read an article that says someone somewhere in the world did that. Also, don’t drink and drive. Be safe, for your own health, and your own pocket too.

6. A huge bet won’t make for smaller losses

Many people decide to make huge bets, on high quotes, and large amounts of money, especially if they had a line of smaller losses during the week or the weekend. That won’t make for the money you already lost, just the opposite – you are risking even more, and maybe you won’t have money to afford a comfortable living until the end of the month if you do that.

7. Not being aware that the odds are always on the house’s side

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If everyone is able to win, then the sports betting places will close, and they won’t exist. But, they survive thanks to your money you are giving to them. Even when you win something, compare it with the amount you spent there. Do you see the point? Maybe now you have a prize, but they will always have more than that.

As you can see, there are a few mistakes that almost every bettor makes at some point. If you want to do this, you have to be very smart when planning. Fixed tips are something you must avoid, just like having no control over the bankroll. Even if you made some of these errors, we hope that you learned the lesson, and now you are more responsible with betting actions.