How Do I Know if I Need to Repair or Replace My Vinyl Windows?

In this case, it is enough to replace the old glass with a new one and re-paint the frame (optional). Sometimes, however, glass replacement is not enough and you have to completely replace the whole window.

Vinyl windows repair is effective if your window frame is still in good condition, but the glass is cracked or broken.

After reading our article, you will learn:

  1. What factors indicate that it is time to install new window designs;
  2. Which is better to choose: install a completely new window or restore existing window systems;
  3. How long new and restored windows will last;
  4. What time of year is best to carry out such work;
  5. Where to order quality new windows or repair old ones at an affordable price.

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How Can I Tell if My Windows Need Replacing?

Replacing old window systems with new ones is an excellent solution that will play a positive role in the development of your home.

We tell you how to understand that window structures need replacing:

1. Operating problems


Window operation should be quick and easy. If you have difficulties opening or closing the doors, then the time for replacement has come.

As a rule, this can be the case if the frames are wet, skewed, deformed, or sunk.

2. Draughts and unpleasant smells

Are you ready to put up with draughts and mold growing in the room? And unpleasant odors and dust constantly leaking in from the street?

This happens because:

  • Windows are too old.
  • The windows were originally incorrectly installed and therefore do not perform their tasks. To check this up you need to control the level, slope, bend, and plumb.

Since you are facing all these problems, it is time to start looking for a contractor who will help with the replacement and installation of new window structures.

3. Huge electricity bills

Improving energy efficiency is one of the most common reasons why homeowners prefer to buy new energy-saving windows.

By replacing your old window systems with modern models, you can significantly save on the heating and air conditioning of your home, as well as contribute to the environmental protection of your region.

To do this, choose products that meet Energy Star standards: they will keep warm air inside the house during the cold season, and protect it from heat during the summer.

4. Ambient noise


Noise from the street prevents you from resting? No matter what is its source, do not compromise with it.

Replacing your window systems will help minimize external noises. We recommend models with a large number of glasses of different thicknesses. These glasses are designed to dampen sounds of different frequencies.

Correct hermetic installation also helps in solving the problem.

5. Outdated design or bad appearance

Assess your windows from an aesthetic point of view: are they beautiful or do they ruin the look of your house?

Window systems are the finishing touch of the house design, which can increase its value by several thousand dollars. Do not miss this point if you plan to put the house on sale in the future.

Well, even if you’re not going to sell it, isn’t it better to live in a beautiful and stylish home?

The average window service life is 10-20 years. This figure is influenced by:

  • Material quality

We recommend primary unprocessed vinyl.

It lasts longer than wood, does not rot, deform, and does not need any special care.

  • Climate features

In regions with humid climates, frequent precipitation and sudden temperature changes window systems will last a little less.

  • Installation professionalism

Incorrectly installed window structures will not provide you with a sufficient level of comfort.

Choose proven contractors who know all the nuances of such work to avoid any installation problems.

Among all companies working in Canada, Vinyl Light Windows & Doors provides the most popular products and installation services.

The company has been on the market for more than 14 years. Only over the past year the contractor has successfully installed more than 6,000 windows! This popularity is due to the optimal ratio of quality and price of their products.

Here you will be helped to choose the best model and successfully install it on your site!

Talking about installation, it is worth finding out which season is the most suitable for your tasks.

The best option is from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn. In this period, weather conditions allow replacing old window systems without any problems.

This time of year has one significant disadvantage, it is «high season». Therefore, the contractors are busier with orders and you will have to wait longer until they can start your project.

Of course, you can mount window structures at other times of the year. However, keep in mind that such installation is recommended at temperatures not less than -10C.

Installation in winter, early spring, or late autumn has its advantages. In the cold period of the year, most contractors are not so busy with projects, so they can give you more attention.

Small life hack: if you decide to replace windows, it is better to change all window structures at once. You can count on a good discount for a large order.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

Installation of new window systems is not the only possible solution to your problems.

In some cases it will be much more efficient to choose vinyl windows repair:

  • The glass is broken;
  • the glass has small cracks;
  • the glass doesn’t appear damaged, but condensation forms on it, and the glass itself constantly fogs up.

In this case, it is enough to replace the old glass with a new one, and you will forget all your problems.

  • There are chips on the vinyl frame;
  • The frame was stained by water or turned yellow.

Just paint the frame and it will look fresh and neat for about 7-10 years.

After this period, it is recommended to install new windows.


Advantages of vinyl windows repair:

1. It’s fast

Glass replacement is much faster than the complete installation of new window structures.

2. It’s safe

When you install new windows, there is always a risk of ruining your repairs.

In turn, glass replacement or frame painting is safe for your interior.

Vinyl Light installers know exactly all the nuances of this work and will perform it so that your window system serves you for a long time and works no worse than a new one!

3. It is profitable

Window installation is about 50% more expensive than glass replacement. For example, the average price of window replacement in a casement window is $150. If you decide to completely replace the entire structure, be prepared to pay at least $250.

To understand which option is preferable, please contact Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

Here you will get a professional assessment of your glass and frame condition, and choose the best option for the repair of your home!