Quick Tips for Snapchat Users, Save Yourself – Millions of Accounts Leaked

Millions and millions for about 4.6 snapchat accounts leaked on the New Year eve, 1st January 2014 after the hackers posted all the info on SnapchatDB.info. The information is in the form of a database which is easily downloadable as a CSV file or SQL dump. You can view it via a cached version. Click here… Snapchat users, Save Yourself !

Note: Gibson Security said it was not involved in the hack: “We know nothing about SnapchatDB, but it was a matter of time till something like that happened,” the Co tweeted.

Snapchat is really popular among the young generation people. From past sometime it was facing some security issues as well which further gave hackers a perfect time to hack the accounts which includes 1000s of Canadians accounts as well.

Snapchat API was recently published and the hackers only used it to exploit the users by getting an access to the usernames along with the contact numbers via photo messaging app.

Hackers just published the release so as to make the users aware of the issues and also wanted to get this exploit to get fixed as soon as possible. Privacy and security of the users should be the main and primary goal for any site.

Accounts leaked! Really a shock for the users and it’s a natural feeling about checking about your info whether or whether not in the leaked database. Since the site was suspended, users cannot search about their phone number or usernames if leaked or not. Users not to worry there are many ways through which you can have a look if your account is hacked or not.

Don’t Worry & Check

  • GS Lookup- Snapchat

This tool asks the user to enter username of your Snapchat account. By proceeding further, if you get message written “You’re Safe” then your account was not included in the leak but if it displays your phone number with last two digits minus, then your account has been compromised.

  • Snapcheck.org

This tool allows the user to insert phone number or the username. Proceeding further, it will deliver an alert whether the info leaked or not.

These both tools will definitely help the users to get info about their Snapchat accounts being leaked or not. Snapchat users, Save yourself not by just relying on others but by following some of the techniques.

To be protected each and every user can increase their privacy settings by changing their passwords. Passwords were not included in the leaked database. All are hoping that Snapchat must fix this issue as soon as possible.

If users find out about their account being leaked, they can delete their accounts but it will not remove your phone number from the leaked database SnapchatDB. The leaked information is not yet used in any mischievous manner, so if you are an existing snapchat user you can relax for the time being.

Snapchat users, save yourself! Is your snapchat account hacked? What will you do if you come to know that your account has been compromised?