Prevent Dull Skin This Winter With These Skin Care Tips

Winter is such a beautiful time of the year, especially around holidays and when it is snowy. However, our skin wouldn’t agree that winter is so perfect. For many people, winter brings dry, dull skin that is itchy and won’t stop flaking. Skincare becomes even more vital during this time of the year because skin requires some extra care. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to fix the situation. Here are some skin care tips that can help you prevent dull winter skin and look nourished and glowing.

1. Drink plenty of water


During the winter, we tend to hydrate much less compared to summer. We don’t feel as thirsty, and that is why we often end up drinking less than 1 liter of water a day, which is too little. And this is one of the main reasons why our skin looks dull and lacks that natural glow. When our body doesn’t have enough water, our cells begin to shrink, and this is exactly what can be seen on our skin. If you want to look hydrated, you need to be hydrated. Find a way to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day and see how your skin responds positively to increased water intake.

We’ve already mentioned that most people do not feel thirsty during colder months, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe we don’t feel it as much, but our body needs to replenish the fluids that have been lost as a result of our activities. Several apps can provide you with a good idea about how much water you should drink per day, based on how your weight, height, and the activities you conduct daily. Naturally, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. When that happens, you might have some problems absorbing a large amount of water, which is not a comfortable place to be in.

2. Use moisturizer regularly

Moisturizer is one of the most vital products you should use to prevent dull winter skin. During this time of the year, we recommend applying every day a moisturizer with more oily ingredients, such as ceramides, alcohol esters, fatty acids, oils, etc. A thicker moisturizer ensures that the water gets sealed in the skin and hydrate it properly.

If you skip applying your moisturizer, your skin will probably lose a lot of water, which leads the skin to become dehydrated and dull. Your skin naturally contains a lot of oily substances and they often lack during winter. So you need to substitute them with the products that contain substances with the same role. Be sure that your moisturizer suits your skin type and current skin condition. You can read more about how to prevent dull winter skin on Mira Beauty and check out which moisturizer can be a good choice for this purpose. There are also numerous skincare tips and a bunch of products recommended for skin during wintertime.

3. Peeling is a must


A good peeling can refresh your skin and prepare it for adequate hydration and nourishment. During winter, the skin tends to be more flaky, so moderate use of peelings can be the way to go. You can find many good peelings on the market and choose the one that suits you best. There are mechanical ones that contain small particles that mechanically eliminate dead skin cells. There are also chemical peelings that remove the external layer of the skin through a chemical reaction. Chemical peeling includes glycolic, lactic, salicylic acid, and others.

All of them work nicely on the skin, can unclog the pores, and make the skin look clean, fresh, and glowy. Also, removing dead skin cells helps the skin to better absorb active ingredients and products applied afterward. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t exaggerate with peelings. One to two times per week is more than enough, especially during the winter. Too much peeling can damage your skin barrier and lead to breakouts, redness, irritation, and dehydration that is already increased during winter. Optimal use of peelings can prevent winter dull skin, and make your skin glowy.

If you need to find a product that will help you with removing all the influences cold weather has on your skin, then you should pay a visit to Dermavel.

4. Wear gloves and apply hand cream

Wind can be the worst enemy of the skin. You probably noticed how your hands are drier and rough to the touch during winter. It can be very unpleasant, especially if you want to hold hands with someone special. In these situations, we recommend wearing gloves. Good gloves will keep you warm and also protect your skin from becoming dull, dry, and irritated. A skincare product you should always carry in your bag is hand cream. After washing your hands, apply a generous amount on your hands, and let it absorb. Gloves in a combination with regular hand cream use will help your skin to regenerate much faster and prevent damage.

People make the mistake of believing that the cold is the only thing that prevents their skin from looking the best way it can. Another major component, in this case, is the wind. As we all know, winds tend to be much stronger during winter months, and you will need to find a way to protect the skin from them. The best way for it is to use certain creams. Thankfully, the list of creams that can provide you with this sort of protection is practically endless. Naturally, not every product you come across is going to be effective. So, your choice should be as careful as possible. If you have someone with this sort of experience, you can always ask for advice.

5. Don’t let it get too hot in your house


At the moment when the temperature starts significantly decreasing, we all feel like staying at home, turning the heat on, and enjoying a cup of tea under the blanket. It sounds great, but don’t forget that hot air in your home is one of the biggest reasons why your skin becomes dull. You tend to lose much more moisture from your body, besides losing it because of the winter and cold weather in general.

To prevent this, we recommend keeping the heat at rational levels. You should feel comfortable and warm, but it shouldn’t feel like summer, especially while you’re sleeping. You’ll lose so much water, which leads to feeling and looking dehydrated and dull. Put some layers on, and help your skin maintain its water instead of losing it due to heat being too high.

Since heat is something that’s completely a thing of preference for different persons, it is not always easy to find the level that will complement the needs of all the members of a household. Therefore, the family members will need to find some sort of consensus on this question. The higher the temperature is, the more problems skin can face when it leaves the home and it goes outside. To prevent this issue from occurring, it is an absolute must to find the temperature that will both satisfy the needs of individuals and not represent too big of a problem later.

6. Optimizing your diet always leads to positive changes

The research has shown that you should eat more healthy fats if you want to replenish natural oils and prevent dull winter skin. You can find healthy fats in nuts, avocado, and olive oil. Try to eat whole, healthy food, and you will certainly see and feel the difference in your skin. And besides that, your whole body will prosper from it. Optimizing your diet always leads to positive changes in your body, including the skin.

There’s a reason people choose to consume fat-based meals through the colder months. One of the biggest misconceptions is that this is a way to keep warm during this period. While there’s some truth in these claims, it needs to be said that fat plays a vital role in keeping the skin as fresh and oily as it needs to be. We’ve already discussed how low temperatures and winds can cause the skin to be dry, and peel off as a result. Since nobody wants to experience something like this, consuming nutrients that can prevent this from happening is an absolute must. When it comes to the meals that help with this situation, we would recommend you consume those that consist of pork and make sure you use olive oil. The combination of these two is a sure way to prevent the drying up of your skin.


Winter is great due to many reasons, but it can be pretty ruthless when it comes to skin. During the cold time, skin tends to dry out, become dull, red, and irritated. It requires much more care and hydration. Luckily, there are many skin care tips you can apply to prevent winter dull skin on Pierre Michel Beauty. You should try to drink as much water as possible and optimize your diet.

Use heavier moisturizers and mechanical or chemical peelings a few times a week. Be sure that the temperature in your home is optimal and prevents your skin from losing water. Following these easy steps, you will notice a massive difference in how your skin feels and looks. Goodbye, dullness, and dryness, welcome healthy, glowy skin, even during the winter!