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Has the time finally come for you to switch from shared hosting to a private server? Whether you’re running a blog or operating an online business, there will come a certain point where you will need to make this hosting shift. Private hosting brings numerous benefits, from more server space and control to better site performance and customizable settings.

However, the quality of your private hosting experience will depend on the VPS server provider and their hosting plans. With dozens of Linux VPS providers out there, it might be challenging to settle for one. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and found one of the best services in the industry – MonoVM VPS hosting.

What is MonoVM?

Based in Lithuania, MonoVM is one of the most popular Linux VPS hosting providers out there. Their servers are based on VMware ESXi and run on high quality enterprise-grade hardware. Most importantly, each of their hosting plans offers a level of customizability in the server settings, allowing you to adjust the specifications to your needs. In order to customize the MonoVM servers, you need to contact their team to discuss whether the specific configuration can be applied.

Speaking of contacting, MonoVM has a team of IT professionals running their customer support service. Thus, you always have someone knowledgeable to reach out to in case you come across any issues or you have any concerns. Good customer support is one of the main factors you need to look for when searching for the right VPS hosting provider. This is especially important if you have never had any contact with private servers.

Unlike with shared hosting plans, private hosting servers bring along a lot more responsibilities and requirements. In a shared hosting plan, the service provider handles most of the work, including server configuration and maintenance. However, as soon as you switch to a private server, you will be facing new responsibilities and challenges regarding server operation.

Having a team of professionals behind your back and supporting every move you make is important for those who don’t have much experience with private hosting. Keep in mind that this type of hosting as not as intimidating as it sounds. As soon as you understand the basics, you will start learning about the nature of Linux VPS servers, which will make things easier in the long run.

Most importantly, a private server will bring along numerous benefits for your business, including better site performance and thus a lower bounce rate. Keep that in mind when you decide to make the move and switch to a completely new type of hosting. Back to MonoVM, their website contains a frequently asked questions section where you can learn more about Linux VPS servers and how to use them.

MonoVM Hosting Plans and Pricing

MonoVM offers a variety of Linux VPS hosting packages that differ in features and pricing. Before we focus on what makes these plans different, here are some of the things they have in common! For instance, each MonoVM hosting plan provides full SSH access, a web based control panel and servers that run on high-end Intel processors (aka the enterprise-grade hardware we mentioned earlier).

On top of that, MonoVM makes it easy to set up the server in less than 15 minutes. They care about their customers and offer momentary IT support regardless of which plan you choose. The Linux VPS packages at MonoVM range in prices from 6.99$ to 29.99$ per month. They have four main packages that range from 512 MB to 4096 MB of storage space, allowing you to start at a smaller point and upgrade the plan as your business and needs grow.

Each plan offers unlimited bandwidth and similar features. The only difference between the plans is the size of the server and feature limitations. It is also important to mention that MonoVM offers a variety of payment options when it comes to purchasing their plans, including PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Web Money, and Perfect Money.

Why Choose MonoVM

MonoVM Linux VPS provider stands out from the crowd in their passion for serving the customer and making sure they have the best possible experience. Besides great customer support teams, MonoVM offers a variety of hosting packages for everyone needs. Each package can be customized or upgraded to suit your needs as you get used to the idea of private hosting.

Moreover, MonoVM allows their customers to pick a preferred Linux OS server distribution, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debia, Fedora, Open BSD, or Free BSD. You can learn more about these server distributions on their official website where you will find more information about their Linux VPS hosting services. Click here to access their Linux VPS hosting plans to decide which package fits your needs the best!