11 Most Popular TikTok Songs in 2024

What has left for people after the lockdown? Only the online games and they are not for everyone. Therefore, TikTok is a sort of entertainment for people that makes them happy and busy also. Furthermore, what goes on TikTok becomes a trend and get stuck in everyone’s head. Therefore, brands are also using tiktokers to promote their products. That’s a good chance for tiktokers to become famous and spend their time without getting bored.

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So here, we have the list of some of the most popular TikTok songs in 2024. You can check that out to make a fantastic start in the world of tiktokers.

1) Avenue Beat’s “F2020”

This song represents the feelings of people regarding 2024 and therefore, it has gain immense popularity. Especially the line “Lowkey f**k 2024/ still sad, still ain’t got no money” became a hit in tiktok videos. It captures the disappointment of people regarding the year. Moreover, the utter chaos that we have observed till now is captured by this son track.

2) Jack Stauber’s “Ok klahoma”

October is the month for Halloween and this soundtrack became a hit with spooky videos. The lines that were used in ghost videos were “Tears falling down at the party/ saddest little baby in the room”.

These lines perfectly teamed up with the Halloween makeup. That is why it became a hit in the month of October. If you want to make a video on such a song, prepare a white sheet and pair it up with glasses. You must have seen such videos already. Moreover, it is the simplest spooky costume that you can use. It requires no effort, no makeup and not much struggle. So do give it a try.

3) Mozzy’s “Famous – I’m the one”

Originally this song is from 2018, but TikTok doesn’t care about the era of the song. As long as the video is worth watching and goes viral, everything is fine. The central theme for the videos, along with this sound, was the swapping challenges. It started with couples. They swap clothes while the song runs in the background.

The music part that has been used for videos is this one. “He just wanna f**k with me ‘cause I’m the one/ He got all the drugs and I got all the guns.”

4) Rocky Paterra’s “I’m an accountant”

Originally this song was about the struggles that Paterra go through in the singing and acting career. Thus, the videos made on this soundtrack were mainly about sex workers. The TikTok represent the awkwardness that such people face when someone asks them what they do for a living. So all they can say is that they work as an accountant. And the part of the song meets with such requirements. As it goes, “Nobody asks you questions when you say you are an accountant.”

5) WhoHeem’s this season song “Lets link”

It was released this season. After being used in the TikTok videos, it became one of the 100 songs in the list of “rolling stone.” The song was themed for the people who have a crush on someone who is already in a relationship.

The part that became viral for videos is “Baby, I like you/ I don’t give a f**k ‘bout your boyfriend.”

6) UK’s legendary song by Millie B “M to the B”

This was an old song from 2016, but it came to the popular hits of 2024 because of its trends. Bella Poarch made a video lip-synching this song while head bobbing. The video became viral and the music got new popularity with a new theme. Before that, the song was used with “making fun of any British girl” theme.

The part that was used in Bella Poarch’s video was,”If you don’t know me I’m M to the B/ coming hard, you better watch it Sophie.”

7) Phoebe Bridgers’s “Motion Sickness”

The song part that has been used for making videos is “I have emotional motion sickness/ Somebody roll the window down.” There isn’t anything special about the theme. The soundtrack was used as a background to dancing videos and people really loved the soft tone.

8) Claire Rosinkranz’s “Backyard Boy”

There isn’t any theme specified to this song. It became viral after Rosinkranz made a short video and uploaded it on TikTok. After that, people generally used this song as a soundtrack while doing something fun. The sweet melody makes the lyrics pleasing to hear and fun to watch videos.
The lyrics go by, ”Dance with me in my backyard boy. Looking super fine in your corduroy.”

9) Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage”

Savage goes for the savage girls. The song became popular with the cool dance of a young black girl. After that, a number of girls used this song as a background for their TikTok. The lyrics represent the sassy, nasty and moody nature of savage girls. It goes as;

“I’m a savage. Classy, boujee, ratchet. Sassy, moody, nasty. Acting stupid, what’s happening.”

10) Arizona Zervas’s Roxanne”

It is one of the most liked and used soundtracks for TikTok. It originally started from dancing videos and if that was not enough, it went far from it. Now the sound has no limitation to the content. You can pretty much do everything and anything while using it in the background. The lyrics go by;

“Roxanne. Roxanne. All she wanna do is party all night. Doddamn Roxanne. Never gonna love me, but it’s alright.”

11) Doja Cat’s “Boss Bitch”

This song went viral not only on TikTok but also for the k and C mix MV’s on YouTube. The music gives a pump to the savage mood and nasty behavior. The lyrics that go viral on TikTok include;
“I’m a bitch. I’m a boss. I’m a bitch and a boss. I’ mma shine like gloss.”