5 Reasons You Need An Expungement Lawyer – 2024 Guide

If you have ever made a mistake or a wrong choice in your life that led to you having a file, you probably already know how many problems it will create for you. When a person is convicted of a crime, since then there is a record in the police where it says what you did. It is different compering to misdemeanor where you only have to pay a fine. Once you get the record, it will be an obstacle for you at every step, for all sorts of things, that you would never even think mattered whether you had a file or not. While many think a criminal record stays with you for a lifetime, that is not true.

There is something called expungement that can bring your life back to what it was before. Of course this is not the case for some of the most serious crimes, but for many petty crimes it is. What exactly is expungement, why you need a lawyer specialized in it and why you should start the expugement process as soon as possible read below.

What is it?

Expungement, also known by other names like record sealing, is the process where your record becomes inaccessible to the public. What varies, and therefore the name varies, is exactly how your file is handled. While in some places it is completely destroyed and no one has access to it anymore, in other places it is sealed.

This means that your employer, lender and the like will not be able to reach it, so you will be able to live a normal life again, but the police, the court and DA will be able to unseal it if necessary. And you need to know one thing. Expungement does not mean acquittal of what you have committed, but it does mean that the authorities believe that the punishment for the crime committed is sufficient and that you should be relieved of that burden. The process itself varies from state to state, depending on the law, but it is something that your lawyer will deal with.

Reasons you need specialized lawyer

1.To find out are you eligible for expungement

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There is no set rule, especially at the federal level, that tells you if you are eligible. You know roughly what conditions you need to meet, but you don’t know if it’s worth applying for the whole process. That is why you need a specialized lawyer from that branch of law, to investigate your entire case. They will have an insight into your entire record and will probably know right away what your chances are of your file being sealed. In addition, he knows where to inquire to be even more certain of the outcome of the case. You can represent yourself, but it will require very extensive research, and that is no guarantee that you will be successful.

2. Paperwork

If you or your representative have come to the conclusion that you have all the necessary conditions to apply for an expungement, then a very extensive paperwork comes up. Such extensive and complex paperwork is certainly something that exceeds the knowledge and capabilities of the average person. That is why it is necessary for all the paperwork to be done by a lawyer, so that your chances of approving your request are significantly higher. Also, properly done paperwork will speed up the whole process significantly. The lawyer will tell you what you need to get from the documents, and he will take care of the rest.

3. Knowledge of the law

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This seems logical to you because of course, a lawyer must know the law. But in this case, there is something else why it is very important. And that is that a lawyer specializing in this constantly monitors the laws in that area. That is why it is important that this is his primary specialty, because the laws in that area often change. You may find all the information online, but it turns out that it is actually outdated and that these laws no longer apply. Attorney will know all the changes that have taken place and act accordingly.

4. Court appearance

There is no specific rule as to whether you will have to appear before a judge when deciding your claim. It depends on the law at the state level, but also on the seriousness of the crime you committed. If you receive an invitation to appear at the hearing, then it will be very important for you to have a lawyer. People are under a lot of stress whenever they are in court, and especially now when deciding on your future. That’s why it can happen that you are overwhelmed by fear and say or do something wrong. If you have a lawyer by your side, he will not allow you to do something wrong, and you will also be much calmer because of his presence. According to statistics, almost all cases where a lawyer was present end up in favor of the client.

5. Save money and time

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While this may sound strange to you because you will have to pay a lawyer, you will still lose a lot more money if you file a claim and then be denied due to an error. Then all the money and time invested will be irretrievably lost. If you leave everything to a lawyer, you will pay him, but you will not waste your time, and also the chance that the request will fail is very small. As we can find out on RecordPurge.com, you will lose 300 to 500 dollars if the request is denied.


As long as you have a criminal record many doors will be closed to you. From many civil rights such as voting in elections, all the way to finding a job. Then it is very unlikely that the bank will grant you a loan, and you cannot even get a visa for most of the world’s countries. Also, everything that has to do with children will be a problem for you. Custody battle or adoption will not end well for you. You are also prohibited from owning weapon. For all these reasons, hire a lawyer as soon as possible and have him file a claim.