7 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Crypto Trading Bots

Each new day, the word “crypto trading” is making headlines. However, the popularity of cryptocurrency trading has primarily been driven by a highly volatile price pattern. With so many tempting ups and downs in prices, crypto trading continues to seduce traders.

Meanwhile, rookie investors often end up making some silly mistakes by setting false expectations on trading bots. Simultaneously which builds an unfavorable situation for them?

It’s noted that Trading bots are computerized programs that automates cryptocurrency trading. To simply put, a computer executes BUY/SELL and not a trader himself when trading via these bots. The alternative may sound cool, and more information is here https://www.bitconnect.co/bitiq/.

But, now the important topic is what mistakes new traders often make when trading with bots. Even though this innovative trading program is highly helpful, still certain precautions are advised to traders. And what exactly they are, is illustrated in this article. So take a look.

Here Are Few Mistakes That Every trader Must Avoid When Using Crypto Trading Bots

Let’s discuss mistakes born by traders themselves when using crypto trading bots and how they can be avoided. Briefed in the list down below –

1. Ignoring Backtesting

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Not just in crypto trades but in every trade, backtesting is indispensable. Launching the first trade with bots may sound like an adventurous roller coaster ride. But it’s noted that without back testing an asset based on its historical data, desired results are hard to derive.

Crypto trading prices change within the space of a minute. Therefore it is essential to backtest crypto prices as much as possible to obtain a realistic vision. A trader must know what the market trend lines tell before relying on this computerized software.

2. Poor Strategy Implementation

If a trader wants to benefit from these bots, they must have a strategy pre-defined to this software. In the end, they are computer-programmed systems that work on behalf of a person that sends the command to them. Hence, a logical calculation must be done and directed to the bots to ensure they better understand what to trade and what to ignore. Again, backtesting will stay important. In the end, it helps in piling up more confidence for a strategic trade.

3. Not Considering Scheduler

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Now software is ready; strategy is prepared after successfully backtesting a trade. But what’s next? It is still risky to leave everything on a crypto trading bot. The computer does exactly what it has been told by its users.

Before automating the whole process, it is essential to set up the scheduler. When trading bots should execute a trade, it must be guided through smart routing and a collection of data to schedule the job. In the end, trade execution will be done with no flaws.

4. Missing The Review of the Tool

One of the most common mistakes that most traders make is missing the review of the tool. Today, the market is stuffed with tons of crypto trading bots. Meanwhile, it becomes inherently challenging to tap on the best options. The only way to find a reliable, suitable tool for the job role is to review it carefully.

Take care of necessary features that bots must-have. The right bots for trading expose a trader to many different features and benefits. One can compare different bots with each other and reach a final decision.

5. Not Understanding the Features

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Reviewing a trading bot isn’t enough. After knowing the features available within bots, it becomes even more necessary to check the credibility of each. If the given feature serves the purpose or not, for which they have been provided must be noted. A thorough understanding of the features keeps things sorted, ensuring no more confusion to arriving at the steps onwards.

Trade bots can perform technical analysis pretty well and can make a fairly great selection for trade by crawling news themselves. But it’s necessary to learn how the whole system of the trading bots works before reaching a finale.

6. Putting all Eggs in One Basket

Risk diversification is still a key, but unfortunately, most trading bots users begin ignoring it when they are introduced to this computerized system. But it’s necessary to note down that bots aren’t a get-rich scheme. Trading bots aim at reducing the risk of losing in a trade.

The cryptocurrency market is notorious for its highly volatile prices. The market segment can be profitable and highly annoying in the next second. That’s why risk diversification is a necessary parameter to consider. Hence, rather than relying on single trade bots, bring multiple options into action.

7. Trading with Emotions

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Let’s cast some light upon emotions. After all, trading is a game of emotions; it is a win at one moment and a big loss at the second moment. Nothing is enduring except the strategies and emotions that must be strong. The principle must be followed carefully even when using crypto trading bots.

This computerized system doesn’t assure guaranteed returns on investment. Nevertheless, they are useful to benefit from cryptocurrency trading. The digital currency market is active 24/7 around the world. So do, these tools can keep working for as long as a user wants.

But it is essential to bear in mind that these tools are quick to react. Every moment can’t get the best trade. Thus traders are advised not to automate their portfolio for 24/7 hours.


Cryptocurrency trading is no longer a new thing. These innovative financial instruments were supposed to be an excellent long-term investment a few decades back. But today, it is growing more popular among traders. Each new day, traders discover a great deal in this market.

But some rookie investors are in a rush, searching for a shortcut that could get them more returns in less time. Mostly believe that trading bots deployment is a great idea. However, they are a great tool and have multiple good benefits to offer. Still, this software can get one into big trouble if a few things (as discussed above) aren’t taken into account.